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The Cambridge born campaign is spreading

All the things overseas students find weird about Cambridge freshers

A Scandi analyses British freshers’ week

How to survive Freshers’ Week: An international student’s perspective

What is a “fresher” anyway?

Custard Apples and Spherical Gluten: Exploring Mill Road

PART 1 of The Tab’s Alt-Guide to Cambridge (for those who are too eDgY for Stickybeaks)

REVIEW: Footlights International Tour Show – Lagoon

Promising work-in-progress, not top-bill blowout, says Dani Cugini.

EXCLUSIVE: Footlights Tour Show – Preview

We caught up with the cast and crew before Tuesday’s debut

Union kicks out Miss Hong Kong after she gatecrashes Spring Ball

They thought she was an imposter, but she was the real deal

Pack up and leave: International students under assault at Downing

It’s an international incident.

Being an international student doesn’t make me inferior

LENKA ELEK isn’t from England. Get over it

What the heck is show jumping?

Downing student and U21 international show jumper CLARK GLASGOW tells us what the heck show jumping is.

So You Want to Leave the Bubble?

JOE WHITWELL broke out, made it back alive, and wants you to do the same.

Preview: Watersprite

Film Editor JAMIE MATHIESON previews the Student Film Festival, and learns the origins of its silly name.

The Injustice Of Gaddafi’s Death

Finally the Libyans can taste a new world of liberality and equality, but I will not celebrate Gadaffi’s death.

Time to Slutwalk

ANNA SHEINMAN goes ‘slutwalking’ and discovers that this a movement for all – and one to be reckoned with.