Oxford to stay in the NUS

A week after Cambridge voted to remain, Oxford has also decided to stay affiliated to the NUS

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57% of voters backed affiliation in the Oxford University Student’s Union Referendum on NUS affiliation.

2,430 voted to leave the NUS, whilst 3,409 decided the outcome, voting to remain in the NUS.

The margin for victory was more than three times that of the Cambridge vote, with a turnout of 27.7%, slightly below that of Cambridge last week.

The decision to hold a referendum took place at the end of April, following the election of Malia Bouattia as President of the National Union of Students, amidst allegations of anti-Semitism.

Malia Bouattia: 

Oxford joins Exeter, Warwick, Essex and Surrey all voting to remain in the NUS, whilst Newcastle, Hull and Lincoln have all disaffiliated.

Hull voted to disaffiliate two weeks ago

OUSU has come under criticism for electoral malpractice during the election, with the JCR of New College sending out pro-NUS emails, something which violated the rules.

Although the NUS debate in Cambridge has subsided since the referendum, it still remains a heated topic in other universities across the UK.