BREAKING (and entering): Corpus Playroom Burgled

A break in of ENRON-ormous importance.

break-in burglary Cambridge Corpus enron play robbery steal stolen Student thief

Last night, it is reported, the Corpus Playroom was broken into by burglars searching for money on the premises. 

The play’s Facebook page has confirmed that despite the break in, “the criminals didn’t find our dollar” and decided to rob a vending machine instead.

Rehearsals for the upcoming play ENRON were temporarily suspended while the police conducted an investigation.

The money was there all along.

Speaking to the Tab, the ADC stated “the shows are still going ahead as planned.” They also confirmed that the police have left the site.

The director of the play Simon West stated after this evening’s show that “A break-in at the venue the night before a show opens is never ideal; we had some scenes in Enron we wanted to polish with our multimedia elements, so it was a shame we didn’t get to do that. I want say hats off to our cast for being so professional and going without that final practice – they really did us proud! Of course, it’s a great relief too that the only thing they broke in the Playroom was the vending machine!”