Top 5 opportunities to procrastinate in Week 3

You have to leave the library sometime.

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Exams are getting closer, you’re getting stresseder, work is wearing away more and more of your sanity. Here are five great ways to get out of the library for a couple of hours and breathe in week 3.

5. The Corpus Playroom presents: Friki

An hour of light-hearted stand-up by Isa Bonachera is exactly what you need to wind down after a Monday of work.

Do you love Sofia Vergara? This person is also funny and has a Spanish accent.

Monday 9th May at 21:30

Tickets £6/£7


4. The Obama Impact: Transformation and Reaction in US Politics

It is becoming harder to avoid coming to terms with the fact that he will soon be replaced by either Hillary Clinton or Donald Drumpf. Find out from someone with some pretty decent credentials what he has meant to US politics.

‘This year’s Ramsay Murray Lecture will be given by the acclaimed sociologist and political scientist, Theda Skocpol. Professor Skocpol is the Victor S Thomas Professor of Government and Sociology at Harvard University and a distinguished commentator on American politics and society.’

Friday at 19:30 in the Law Faculty

3. Judge Judy’s Buzzworld at the ADC

Instead of procrastinating by watching day-time television, why not go to see funny people satirise it? I know what I’d rather do.

Eve Delaney, who gave an incredible performance last week in the absolutely phenomenal ‘Grief’ will be starring. The range of talent she has showed since arriving last October has impressed a lot of people within the Cambridge drama/comedy scene, giving equally remarkable performances in Smokers as she has done in her more serious work (she managed to make a child-killer and a suicidal teenager acerbic and profoundly witty in Coram Boy and Grief).

The Footlights gave this a prize for being funny. Go and see it.

Opens on the 11th and runs to the 14th from 23:00 until late

2. Open Deck at the Portland Arms

This student-organised orgy of dance music is very cheap, extremely relaxed and you’ll be back in bed before midnight. Bring your own vinyl along, have a drink and a boogie. The dream.

Sunday from 18:00 until 23:00


1. Trump’d at the ADC

Ted Cruz and John Kasich have dropped out and Bernie won Indiana… This fantastic dystopian original written by Joshua Peters, Adam Woolf and Aron Carr, and produced by Tab TV presenter Jack Lewy couldn’t be more pertinent. It also counts as HSPS revision. Do not miss.

Running at the ADC on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 11pm

Happy procrastinating.