LIVEBLOG: RAG Jailbreak 2k16

Tonight (well, for the next 36 hours) there’s going to be a jailbreak, somewhere in this town


The Tab welcomes you back to Cambridge RAG’s annual Jailbreak: 36 hours of 27 teams doing what we’ve all wanted to and getting as far away from the bubble on other people’s money (for charity, might we add).


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Map can also be found here.

21.30: Rag now organising a hugely overdue Bah mitzvah. And none of you are invited.

21.25: Swaps and drinking socks getting unbearably tedious? Fuck ’em. Rag’s ultimate drinking game has you sorted for the rest of term


21.00: Simona backed Team 21 from the get-go who are now celebrating their victory on Copacabana beach with beers, pride and severe sunburn.

21.00: Final round-up

Team 1 – Alison and Jasmine are in Paris, and we only know this thanks to Twitter.

Team 2 – Eaten by a seagull.

Team 3 – Paris (stalking Team 1?)

Team 4 – Joined a Scandi cult and froze to death.. somewhere.

Team 5 – Heard how good the cult was and initiated.

Team 6 – Partying in Berghain, Berlin. Now leaving with one phone instead of two.

Team 7 – Missing in the Bermuda Triangle. No reward if found (we are a charity, you know.)

Team 8 – Last seen in Toledo eating mediocre Tapas (officially voted biggest disappointment)

Team 9 – Joined the Viet Cong

Team 10 – Last seen on bikes in Copenhagen

Team 11 – Enjoying shisha in a five star hotel in Egypt. Ballin.

Team 12 – Little and large are v close to Warsaw

Team 13 – Fun fact: RAG Rachel got with Charlie Briggs when she was 16

Team 14 – Brits on tour with fluorescent tank tops and sunburn in Malaga

Team 15 – En route to Dubai

Team 16 – Liv liv liv liv liv liv liv liv liv

Team 17 – Scraped an invite to Pistanbul hostel party

Team 18 – Marrakech

Team 19 – Will and Amber feeling Bacchic in Athens

Team 20 – Paris, like anyone cares

Team 21 – Rio – give a shit

Team 22 – not Rio

Team 23 – not Rio

Team 24 – tried, but still not Rio

Team 25 – cba to type

Team 26 – defo not rio

Team 27 – nr

Team 28 – Buenos Aires, so not Rio

Team 29 – Blaise Mallard – the new superhero

Team 30 – Egypt, pff

Team 31 – Venice, the indifference is killing me

Team 32 – Pistanbul

Team 33 – cannibals / ate team 34 and were arrested

Team 34 – both now interns at JP Morgan, haven’t been seen in 8 weeks

Team 35 – Still selling their souls on Market Sq

20.51: Shirley and Lok have arrived in Venice and are soon to break their hitch-hiking virginity

20.50: 588 miles to Japan…

20.45: “The bed fits three ;)” raucous Rag behaviour worldwide

20.37: Scrap that more like 724 miles to Tokyo.. Will they make it?

20.23: Team 24 honing in on Tokyo. Why am I in Selwyn?

20.20: When you’re not a couple and given a double bed

20.11: “We should team up sometime” Portsmouth Rag. Have we just become best friends?

20.03: Whilst Istanbul is Portsmouth’s furthest place, for Cambridge it’s only the sixth furthest. Solid performance Cantabs.

19.59: A handful of teams from Cambridge and Portsmouth have met in Istanbul and are about to throw a hostel party – major fomo from Rag HQ.

19.21: Team 24 are over China (by the way – it sounds like vagina). Say that phrase over and over again. Go on. Preferably in front of an elderly relative.

19.26: Delicious Nanna Mexico arrives in Tab HQ and everyone rejoices. (Posted at 19.20 because we can all hope).

19.18: Ach you guys did your best but I definitely haven’t won.

19.12: “The awkward moment when it turns out Poland don’t use the Euro” – Team 12, desperate for the expansion of the European Union.

19.11: RAG HQ debating whether its spelt Istambul or Istanbul. Contribution from Rachel: “Its like Kenya and Kenya, isn’t it?” – I think you had to be there.

19.08: Despite making it to Istanbul, Team 17 are still struggling to avoid parental control.

19.00: “No I didn’t text the Tab about your sunburn! Tell them that’s libellous” – while I’m happy Mary’s mum is such an avid reader, I’m sorry for causing another lawsuit for Xavier and James.

18.56: Mary from Team 21’s mum has texted into RAG HQ worried about her sunburn. The Tab really is reaching out to a new audience.

18.55: Breaking News while I’ve been gone, we are ordering Nanna Mexico.

18.48: Luke H-W checking in and, like the Alpha and the Omega, am here to end what I created. I am also aware I just likened myself to a Divine Entity, roll with it.

18.31 Team 30 are having fun on easyjet. The real fun, though, will be when they land in Hurghada… There’s a reason those flights were cheap.

Wooo EasyJet

18.25 Team 21’s wavey garms policy appears to have backfired. Looking rather rouge.

They bought warm weather clothes, but forgot the suncream

18.00 Team 10 have allegedly been offered accommodation in Copenhagen by someone they met in Life. In the Red Light district, I imagine…

17.40 Rio Team have taken an amazing selfie with Christ the Redeemer, who would no doubt be proud of their charitable efforts.

In the name of charity, in the name of Jesus

17.30 James Wells here; relief has arrived just in time. Very James Bond – speaking of which, we can inform you that  Tokyo team (team 24) are on flight BA007. A coincidence I think not.

17.20 I appear to have been abandoned by my live blog relief. I feel like a Roman Centurion in Asterix and Obelix, waiting for relief.

17.16 Team Little and Large (12) are in Poznan in Poland

17.14 Team 22 looking knackered. I think that may be Ed Jeans. I know the man because his profile picture is a pair of jeans

17.04 I’m now live-blogging from a subterranean hallway.

17.02 Team 18 in Morocco “Apparently horse drawn carts are a thing here. And no one has ever seen a penguin. #teampenguin #jailbreak2016”

16.55 Jailbreakers Freya Sanders, Jack May, Blaise Mallard has been nominated for Cambridge’s biggest BNOC.

16.52 Team 25 have landed in Istanbul.

16.51 Still very few updates from the exhausted Jailbreakers.

16.40 We’ve now moved on to discussing the CUSU Disabled Officer’s Referendum. If you haven’t voted yet, then please do.

16.30 Team 1 (in Paris) have fallen asleep in a Shakespeare and Company bookshop.

16.28 Slight hiatus as my computer crashed. In other news the Tab’s vote on Cambridge’s biggest BNOC is now live. 

16.16 I’m told Portsmouth RAG are doing Jailbreak this weekend as well. They too, it seems, have numerous teams converging on the City of Two Continents (Istanbul).

16.13 Team 18 should be in Marrakech by now…

16.11 It looks like Team 11, on their way to Hurghada, might be the winners of the ‘most raised’ prize. They have apparently raised over £2000.

16.06 I have just discovered that RAG President is a sabbatical position.

16.04 We’re now talking about ISIS because we’re being totally ignored by the now global network of Jailbreak teams.

15.51 Our esteemed Editor-in-Chief Xavier Bisits (charming chap, known to some anti-Tab elements as the Dark Lord) has sponsored Jack and Freya half a penny per mile. He was desperately worried they might get far yesterday.

Liv (RAG President) has calculated that if they stay in Toledo Xavier will owe £5.78. Probably won’t break the bank.

15.47 Jack May and Freya Sanders are going from Madrid to Toledo. Josie acerbically comments “that’s not that much further into Spain.” Burn.

15.45 Team 24 are somewhere in the air over Siberia. It takes a week to get from Moscow to Beijing on the Trans-Siberian Express so it probably isn’t suitable as a jailbreak method.

15.44 Jailbreak team seem to be MIA. I’m here with Liv and Josie but the rest have drifted off. No updates from any teams in recent minutes.

15.38 Fun fact: RAG stands for ‘Raising And Giving”

15.37 Do you call the city on the Bosphorus Istanbul, Constantinople or Byzantium? Message in to let me know

15.35 Photo just in from Kavish Shah, last known location “Croydon or Gatwick”

Bagging up coins to exchange for notes so we’re not carrying 10kg of metal around”

15.34 We aren’t getting many updates here at RAG HQ (now an underground bunker in Selwyn). The weather outside could be sunny or a snowstorm and we’d be none the wiser. We’re well equipped if one of the teams causes a diplomatic incident, though.

15.30 Christian Mok and John Tam have made it to the Polish border.

I hear the dumplings are delicious gents


15.19 Two teams currently in Istanbul and two more are headed that way. Cue lots of cliches about East and West.

15.16 Spence here, back for my third session in the hot seat. Thanks Molly! Just under six hours left to go!

15:07. Team 12 are on a bus from Germany to Warsaw but have been pulled over by the police. But don’t panic, they have their towels and they are well soaked with nutrients. 

14:40 Team 19 have just touched down in Athens. Greece is the word.

14:33. Team 18 have just arrived in Morocco and have blagged their way onto a bus to Marrakech. Keep going guys! 

14:11. Team 14, in contrast, are having a whale of a time, giving a whole new meaning to the term drug mule.

14:07. Someone on Team 6 has had their phone stolen in Berlin. Someone came up to them pretending to be raising money for charity and harassed them. Poor things. Thankfully they’re covered under the insurance!

14:00. Coming into the 29th hour, 5 teams are now converging on Istanbul. Let’s hope at least one of them speaks Turkish.

13:51. This has now sparked a conversation about other weird statues in European cities, it has now come to light that there is a very famous statue of a weeing baby in Brussels. This travel destination comes highly recommended by Will McDermott.

13:49. Team 23 have found the apparently famous Broken Chair of Geneva.

13:36. Team 8 enjoying tapas in Madrid. Just looks like sausage and crisps to me.

13.31. Team 14 are living the life in inspiring Eastern Croyden before getting on a flight to Malaga.

13:30. Team 8 are getting a train to Toledo that should bring them an extra 60 miles from Cambridge, unfortunately, they only have an hour in Toledo before they have to get back on the train to catch their flight. Sad times.

13:28. Team 21 found some wavy garms in a Rio marketplace so they’d fit in.

13.19. Team 15 have just boarded a flight to Istanbul and have bumped into Team 25, dressed as Minions. Small world.

13.17. Team 31 are now waiting for their flight to Venice, hang in there guys.

13:13. After having no idea where they’ve been for most of the competition, the elusive Team 32 have finally resurfaced in Istanbul.

12.44. Team 24’s flight to Tokyo.

12.43. 3/10 for Alison in Louvre.

12.38. There’s a sad story from Team 17 who are in Istanbul where everything’s going to shit. They have no money, no one speaks English, they speak no Turkish, and they only just got through customs. Last night they got pissed at Heathrow and set the alarm off at Wetherspoons, calling the RAG team at 2am just for a chat.

12.24. Team 24 are on a flight to Tokyo, and intend to stay at our News Editor’s parents’ house, who is sponsoring them ¥1000 to get a selfie with her Japanese grandmother.

12.18. Team 13 are in France! Four more hours on the bus to Paris. Keep trying Team 13.

12.14. Proclamation from the RAG committee: FFS we are so very unhappy with the teams who are not contacting us.

12.09. The only ones talking to us are still Team 27. They’re currently using eduroam at a university near the Polish border. #NoBrexit

12.01. Team 27 got pissed in Berlin before starting their hitchhike. They’re now in Frankfurt, on the way to Poland.

11.53. HELLO EVERYONE – Jon Cooper here. I have taken over the liveblog and am sitting in the Selwyn JCR with RAG. On my entry the committee is watching YouTube videos of John Cooper Clarke. News coming soon.

11.26. Oh hey there Rio.

This literally makes me feel so empty on the inside. England is a terrible country.

11.15: Team 19, the ones going to Greece, have just arrived in Zurich. Possibly a tactical decision given the high concentration of Swiss bankers and shady aristocrats hoarding wealth from the prying eyes of the outside world.

11.13:  This just in from Tokyo-bound Team 24: “Team 24 are soaring, flying. We’re breaking free. We’re so-shi excited.” I mean if you’re going to make jokes like that  it’s no wonder someone paid to get you on a flight to the other side of Eurasia.

10.58: Hani and Henry have joined forces with Team 30 “to get an Easyjet flight to Hurghada on the Red Sea Coast”.

They pulled an all-nighter in London to raise money.

10.56: So apparently people are doing hitch-hiking after all.

Where’s your thumb action dude?

10.50: High quality updates from #FrackJailbreak.

Spain is, apparently, a repository of new and minimally effective chat-up lines.

10.45: Team 24 are on their way to Tokyo. I have no idea how they amassed the necessary fortune to do so. But at least part of it involves dying their hair pink for £20 as part of a dare.

Slightly terrifying combination of pink hair and prison garb.

10.39: Team 3: “Are in Paris and will most likely stay here annoying the Parisians all day.”

10.22: Team Frack have made it to Madrid. Decent but still in the same continent. (And thank God as I am sponsoring them for 0.5p per mile, hence the vested interest in them not doing too well.)


10.15: In my absence, Team #FrackJailbreak (Freya Sanders and Jack May, associated with arch nemesis TCS) have left a trail of dispiriting Facebook updates on their page. Triumphant comments about getting money from French schoolkids have been replaced by statuses about people sleeping on public transport and how tired they are. The culmination of this trend was an update after midnight last night. See the highly abbreviated summary below:

“Ok. So. It’s time to come clean. ‪#‎FrackJailbreak‬ hasn’t necessarily been the raging success many had anticipated, nay, even – counted on. It is midnight. The air is frisky. The night is chill. The sky is black like the font on our T-shirts. Here in Terminal 5, all is calm … To be sure, we will leave this place. But for those who dreamed of the Wild West; of Timbuktu, or Kho Phang Nga – We’re sorry”. They include a sorry face photo.

I mean Freya’s not sorry . She looks positively delighted.

10.13: Tales of despair and wetness are trickling in from last night: “Wandering in circles in the shadier part of Berlin in search of an autobahn. Someone donated an umbrella which at this point is more welcome than money.” (Team 12.)

10.10: There are FOUR separate teams in Paris. Olivia Sinclair from RAG HQ helpfully informs me this is a #menageahuit situation.

10.09: Team 11 are in Greece, booked into a five-star hotel for two nights with who knows what funds. They ask: “Is there an award for opulence?”

10.04: Apparently things have been HAPPENING overnight. Which is a major improvement over my last blogging shift, which mainly involved comments about table tennis and people arriving in that exotic metropolis London.

Team 19 are heading to Athens, Greece.

Team 15 are on their way to Dubai.

10.02: While you’ve been sleeping, tireless Jailbreakers have been slogging it out in exotic countries. One team literally got a private jet to Denmark. Another team was sleeping in Luton in preparation for their trip to Morocco: “So currently sleeping in Luton for our flight to Morocco tomorrow, as penguins we’ve always felt we’ve had a connection with the Saharan people.” They are, we presume, dressed as penguins.

We do hope she’s there legitimately and not just hiding in the aisle.

22.47: Live-bloggers take a 15 minute break for a walk to Sainsbury’s. Already made it further than Team 7. Burn.

22.32: Livebet odds are in. Team 21: 1/2. Team 24: 3/1. Team 17: 8/1. Proceeds to RAG.

22.27: Tab, RAG and Union. Someone’s trying to win Tab BNOC 2016.

Casual Friday night power grab

22.23: If you’re wishing you were currently Jailbreaking but are instead stuck in your room reading this alone then head down to the Union bar. There’s samba music and caipirinhas.

22.19: “If they get to Morocco, do you reckon they could hitchhike into the depths of Africa?”

22.14: For those of you just joining us there are two teams you need to keep an eye on. Team 24 will land in Tokyo at the deadline, whilst Team 21 will have 12 hours to flee from Rio. 120 miles is the distance they’ll need to overtake Team 24.

22.10: Team 30 are up to the same antics as Team 17. All in the name of charity, of course.

Is that China or Chinatown?

22.06: Team 17 are by their own admission raking in the free drinks in the City. Maybe try and get a flight guys…

22.03: Team 32 off to Istanbul. At least someone is telling us where they’re going…

21.58: We have our first answer to tonight’s question, from none other than Jack May himself. “We like to tease” say Team 8.

21.52: The big question at RAG HQ right now – “WHERE HAS JACK MAY GONE?!?!”. If you know the answer please get in touch.

21.48: A new live-blogging team has taken the reigns – get in touch with any of the RAG team through Facebook and we’ll give you and your team of choice a shout out!

21.45: Team 13 have landed in Soho and are “alternating between sexual orientations in order to maximise appeal”.

21.35: The RAG party is kicking off in the Union bar. Meanwhile, Team 27, Finn and Matteo, have made it to the RAG committee’s party and are struggling to integrate themselves.

You can tell they’re having fun cos they’re holding up alcohol

20.50: What would you do? A day in Rio or 134 miles in 12 hours?

20.47: Looks like this will be a photo finish. 24 hours and 13 minutes left to go!

20.45: The Tab suggests Team 21 get on a bus to Sao Paulo on arrival in Rio.

20.44: Interesting situation developing here. Team 21 (Sophia Wigg and Mary Kiernan) are just about to take off from Rome with Alitalia en route to Rio de Janeiro (9360 miles from Cambridge). Team 24 are flying to Tokyo (9493 miles from Cambridge) and will be arriving bang on the deadline. If Team 21 strike out south from Rio once they’ve landed and can get 134 miles further away then they win.

20.43: Team 23 (Mihir Sood and Patrick Sylla) have messaged in: “Flying to Geneva tomorrow morning! (at gatwick currently) We never sleep, cos sleep is the cousin of death”

20.41: Team 24 (Annie Cave and Maddy Cummins) have booked a flight on BA007 to Tokyo.

20.38: It’s not just about how far away you get. I’m told one team set out aiming to get to the Arctic Circle.

20.37: There are four teams on the same bus to Paris. They are Teams 20 (Ronan Marron and Adrian Thomas), 26 (Ryan Harris and Jordan Osborn), 3 (Barley Rose and Elizabeth Greenwood), and an as yet unidentified team

20.32: Liam Martin and Monica Zolczer (Team 15) are on their way to Stansted.

20.30 If you’re at a loss for what to do this Friday evening, head down to the Union bar for 9pm. Music and cheap drinks galore at the RAG Jailbreak party.

20.23: Greenland is also cheap, we think.

20.22: Will McDermott says there are still £200 tickets to Dubai (for tomorrow) available. Quite the deal.

20.17: Team 12, Ben Mortishire-Smith and Katie Gibson, message in from Berlin: “Ja, wir haben gelandeerd in der stadt Berlin. Einschuldigen fur slecht deutsch sprechen.”

20.16: Hani El-Bay (Team 11) messages in “We just had an argument with a bouncer regarding out legal right to collect for charity on a public highway. We won through a combination of conviction and utter bullshit.”

20.14: Will McDermott (RAG expert jailbreaker) says it’s generally a bad idea to head to Heathrow before you’ve booked a flight. Apparently wangling a free flight once at the airport is rather difficult.

20.13: Pizza is here!

20.12: I wonder if the RAF would let a team get on the weekly shuttle to the Falklands?

20.11: Dunedin in New Zealand is the furthest city on earth from Cambridge. Would you realistically get there in 36 hours, though?

20.10: Team 19 en route to Heathrow “armed with £400 and puppy dog eyes.”

20.01: Team 21, on their way to Brazil with Alitalia (Classica class, I assume), are Sophia Wigg and Mary Kiernan. Looks like they stand a strong chance of winning.

19.57: Fun fact, Economy Class on Alitalia flights is called Classica. Business Class is Magnifica.

19.55: Pizza still hasn’t arrived.

19.53: I’m reliably informed (by a Jesus student) that Jesus College has the most Jailbreak teams this year. Selwyn were in the running but had several dropouts.

19.49: BREAKING NEWS Billund is the home of Lego! The Lego factory on the edge of town produces 90% of Lego products. I suspect Wikipedia might be wrong about those population stats.

19.48: Billund has a population of 6194. Hmm.

19.46: Ryanair and British Airways both have flights to London from Billund. The trouble now is paying for them…

19.45: Teams 10 and 18 are both on a private jet which was empty and being flown to Billund in Denmark. They have no idea how they’ll get back from Billund. I’m going to investigate flights for them.

19.42: Team 26 went to Stansted, decided that was a bad idea, and got on the coach to London. Right.

19.39: “The earliest evidence of settlements in the area of today’s Berlin are a wooden rod dated from approximately 1192.” Thanks to Wikipedia I’m going to be able to provide you with fascinating titbits about RAG Jailbreak destinations as and when we know people are headed there.

19.34: We thought Team 27 were in the air on the way to Germany. It now seems they are about to board a bus to Paris. Not sure what’s happened there.

19.31: Someone’s phone has been on Aeroplane mode, we may have missed the Pizza man.

19.27: “Once, while travelling in the wilds of Afghanistan, we lost our corkscrew. We were forced to live on nothing but food and water for several days.” W.C. Fields. Let’s hope none of our teams suffer a similar fate.

19.24:  If you were wondering 2014’s winners got to Oman, closely followed by a team that reached Dubai. Reminisce here.

19.23: Pizza is apparently on its way to RAG HQ. I wonder if they’ll let a lowly tabbite have a bite.

19.21: Ok update on non-UK current jailbreakers. We have two teams in the air en route to Berlin. Another about to get on a flight to Copenhagen. The Alitalia team, of course. And that’s about it at the moment. No doubt those numbers will pick up as we move on into the night.


This is the Alitalia team. How is Alitalia these days? The airline has been in financial difficulties for the best part of a decade. Perhaps that’s why they’re offering cheap tickets to Brazil.

19.16: Rude Johnians gave me deliberately incorrect directions to their JCR (temporary RAG HQ). Living up to your stereotype chaps.

19.12: Spence here. I’m back. Thanks for covering Luke. Team 21 have just landed in the Eternal City on an Alitalia flight. They’re taking a convoluted route across the Atlantic to Rio.

19.04: Your words not mine, Florian.

19.02: RAG HQ ping-pong scores are as follow:

Josie/Will: 10/11

Josie/Luke: 11/8

Luke/Liv: 28/13

19.01: Its just struck me that if we’re wrong an they aren’t a couple its super awkward. Ah well. Thus is the power of The Tab.

19.00: Team 1 going to Paris (romantic!) by Megabus (less so). We think they’re a couple so its still cute.

18.14: Team 30, like Napoleon, are going to Egypt, but hopefully the similarities will end there.

18.13: Berlin is very much the place to be right now (Team 6 are going).

18.00: Luke H-W here (although, unfortunately, the free pizza is not). A brief emendation to Xavier, turns out there are actually 27 teams competing, not 23. Something something something glass houses and stones.

17.56: Team Twelve tell us: “Berlin-bound in T-minus 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…2…3…”, getting very creative with their use of chronology.

17.53: Where have previous teams ended up, I hear you clamouring to ask? Well last year’s winners Jethro and James got all the way to Thailand.

Catch up on all the excitement with last year’s live blog.

17.49: We’re nearing the end of the 9th hour of Jailbreak 2016. As students across Cambridge head to the Buttery spare a thought for the 23 teams currently spread out across the country (alright, the Southeast) desperately trying to get as far away as possible.

17.48: Team 8 appear to be on the 17.21 train to Liverpool Street. Let us know if you’ve bumped into any of them. They seem to have been in Cambridge for quite some time.

17.45: Team 14 are at Teddington train station in West London. Why are they there? ‘Rich people’ live there apparently.

17.41: Team 32 are haggling at Heathrow, while Team 15 are still in London but are around £300 to the good.

17.38: Team 17 have apparently just been asked if they were ‘selling chlamydia’…Not sure how one would go about such a thing

17.37: Joe Spencer here. Sorry for the hiatus in updates, there was some confusion with the handover, Jailbreak is a marathon for the Tab, not just the participants.

16.54: Two teams seem to have managed to blag their way onto a private jet to Denmark. Impressive.

16.53: Novel fundraising technique apparently involves going to a hospital.

16.33: Team 35 is in airport with £300 in hand. Hoping for North Africa.

16.30: Hani and Henry on the prowl.

Leeching off the rich.

16.27: Getting some plane action.

You know when do try to do a selfie but you forget to include your face.

16.23: I am reliably informed that the introduction from Luke that “36 hours of 36 teams doing what we’ve all wanted” is 100% false as there are only 23 teams who are going ahead and competing. Scandal.

16.21: Update from Lucie and Jana. “Hey, we are still in Cambridge,selling tonnes of cakes homemade and with a bit of sleep added. didn’t get any sponsorship per mile so we might not travel.” Literally so dispiriting. I will buy a cake from you. Come visit me in the John’s JCR.

16.19: George and Edward have their sights set on going to Israel. One inappropriate joke about going to the West Bank has been made.

16.11: Update from Shirley and Lok: “It’s good! we managed to get around 250 pounds and have booked our seats on a flight to Venice, Italy, tomorrow!”

We were wondering where Venice was.

16.06: Katy and Ben about to get on a flight to Berlin.

But does it fit?

16.04: Will and Andrew: “In London still trying to raise enough to get somewhere outside Europe”.

15.52: BREAKING. A TEAM HAS JUST MADE IT TO NORTH LONDON. How exotic. One lives to be able to liveblog highs like this.


15.49: Xavier checking in. Inappropriate comment from Luke there. Apparently very little has happened in the past hour. They tell me they have succeeded in acquiring a table tennis bat and ball. Desperately trying to find out if literally anything interesting is happening.

15.09: My relief has arrived in the form of Xavier Bisits – expect 100% better, more Catholic banter from here on in. Luke out until free pizza in RAG HQ draws me back.

15.06: Oh dear! Teams 4 through 7 have frozen to death after forming a cult and moving to the Arctic Circle to find purity. Should have packed a coat guys!

14.55: Oh no, looks like Team 2 got eaten by a seagull. Better luck next time guys.

14.50: Basically everyone is sad they aren’t in Rio

14.47: Team 22 allege to have been given 15kg of silver coins. That’s roughly four times the weight of a newborn baby.

14.44: Speaking of, it looks like the_swan_life are still in London. Which is a shame.

14.41: Wager is officially on with RAG Portsmouth over whose team can get the furthest. C’mon you blues…

14.19: Nothing is going on. Team RAG are displeased.

13.43: Just in from Team 12: “Just arrived at Stansted Airport. Hi mum!” Does his mum work at Stansted Airport?

13.39: Christian and John, Team 27: “Soliciting on trains is illegal according to the Transport Act 2000… #ragjailbreak2016”

13.35: Team 21 are at Heathrow Terminal 4, going off to Rome. Great.

13.12: Team 12 – “At cbridge station, leaving for Stansted airport in 5. Europe won’t know what hit it!”

13.04: So we don’t want to alarm anyone by TEAM 21 ARE GOING TO RIO!!!!!!

This just in:

Me and Sophia were calling private jet companies on the train to London and the man in front of us turned around and said “why don’t you get someone to buy your flights” and we said “we doubt anyone would be that generous” and about 1 hour later, after trawling through sites, he has booked us two return flights to Rio! on tube en route to Heathrow now

YES TEAM 21!!!!

12.55: Jailbreak in the news

12.48: God bless The_Swan_Life. You guys keep it up #flyliketheswan

12.28: Printscreen for anyone who can’t read the map (everyone is either in Cambridge of in London).

12.20: Shit is getting real on Jerry Springer

12.14: Jailbreak in full swing @Kings Cross

12.13: Will & Andrew, Team 30, in front of St. Paul’s. In 2 hrs.

12.05: Bored? Stuck at home? Find out how well you’d do at Jailbreak here.

[iframe url=”” width=”700″ height=”300″]

12.03: Can’t you get arrested for impersonating a police officer?

11.57: We’re watching Jerry Springer…

11.55: RAG president Liv is entertaining us all complaining about the Oxford RAG. Apparently they only need to make £100 to sign up #GDBO

11.53: Talking foreign pays

11.50: Team 10 have got a Private Jet to Denmark. Bloody hell.

11.47: RAG has raised £7000 already! Not bad.

11.44: The photoshop from Team 1 is out of this world.

11.39: Crepe affair banter “all these jail break people need is a wind kite today and they could go bloody miles!”

11.30: Ben from Team 12:  “We’ve been dashing back and forth across Cambridge for a couple of hours and, thanks to some travel agents, a man in a punt, and some friendly eastern Europeans, we’re soon getting on a train to the airport!”. [insert sarky comment here]

11.24: Team 11 on a train to London. A single tear of joy is rolling down Josie’s visage.

11.08: The_Swan_Life well on the way to London, taking my heart with them

11.01: To fight the ennui, RAG HQ has turned to the vice of “gambling”. Here are our endorsements:

Liv: Team 24

Josie: Team 11

Kitty: Team 8

Will: Team 19

I’m endorsing THESWANLIFE because I’m delusional about how funny I am.


10.56: It’s only been 2 hours and the joy is beginning to wear off. I hope someone does something interesting soon. Maybe they could get arrested. Comment below which petty crime you’d like so see them commit.

10.53: Team 23 – “We’re on our way to London! Planning to use some boyish charm up in the big smoke”. Conversion rate between boyish charm and pound sterling is pretty strong at the moment.

10.50: George, team 22, is really happy to be in London.

10.46: Someone else is going to London. I didn’t hear who. Probably not team 19.

10.45: Will & Amber, team 19, are going to Addenbrooke to raise money for charity from the sick.

10.44: Team 23, Mahir and Patrick, are on a train to London!

10.39: They’re sad both because its cold and because of the tragedy of Global Warming.

10.35: I have just been moved from my comfy sofa into a corner in RAG HQ. Clearly The Tab is not the terrifying journalistic force I thought it was.

10.25: Team 21 have got pretty far already, somehow getting through Putin’s draconian visa regulations #justbecausethisisaliveblogdoesn’tmeanIcan’tdopoliticalcommentary 

10.20: Team 13 trying to look edgy enough we won’t notice they’re trying to fundraise on an empty Sedgwick site.

10.19: Team Penguin are on a train to London!

10.18: Team 8 claim to be in Australia. We are dubious. 

10.13: RAG Pres Liv is expressing her anger at Portsmouth RAG, who are running their Jailbreak at exactly the same time as us. Que confusing Tweets. Cambridge RAG teams have been instructed to destroy any Portsmouth RAG members on identification.

10.03: Jailbreak stash has arrived! Rejoicing has returned to RAG HQ.

10.00: Tim & Casper from Team 18 actually are going to London. Hope they meet THESWANLIFE there.

a.k.a Team Penguin. No prizes for why.

9.54: Turnout out Team “THESWANLIFE” go to Portsmouth. Rejoicing in HQ has become embarrassment.

9.53: Team “THESWANLIFE” claim to have got tickets to London! Much rejoicing in HQ.

9.50: Team 10, bringing RAG’s name into disrepute.

9.16: The teams are off! RAG HQ are in for the long haul in John’s JCR. We’ve found a copy of Top Gun, bets are on how long it’ll take for us to watch it.

9.12: Having made a total of £4 already, Team 20 are well on the way to earning more per hour than I will in my life.


8.45: The teams are buzzing with anticipation but, much like the Hunger Games, they know there can only be one winner.

8.20: Luke H-W checking in: this is the earliest I’ve got up this term and I’ve just had a dream about doing Jailbreak. Am now off to Parker’s Piece for 36 hours of unrelenting FOMO. Stay tuned.