Tab Live Blogs: RAG Jailbreak 2015

It’s all go for our jailbreakers – follow live updates for all the latest goings-on. It’s getting interesting…


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FIRST PLACE: TEAM 4 – Jethro and James: “We are in Pattaya Thailand. We win. Viva Jailbreak. Viva Motorcycle Taxi. God save the Queen” – Miles, 5,956

SECOND PLACE: TEAM 35 – Will and Sarah: currently circling over Rio De Janeiro. 5,805 miles.

 THIRD PLACE: TEAM 21 – Ellie and Brooke: Currently En Route to Miami. About 4000

[iframe url=”″ width=”640″ height=”640″]

21.33: Team 25 (Sports Team): “Spent the day in Rome and can confirm that Rome was certainly not built in a day. At least 5 days worth of Bricklaying here. What have the Romans ever done for us?”

21.32: Team 4: Apparently swimming naked in the sea.

21.11: Team 4: “Where is our motorbike?”

21.06: Team 42: “Hi! We’re still alive. Shame we didn’t win. Ah well, no hard feelings. Sorry for not getting in touch, we’ve spent all day trying to tame the Dragon, who we have now named Daphne. We shall be riding her back to Cambridge tomorrow. Team 42 out.”

21.05: Valiant effort from all teams, and in the end only 150 miles in it. Well done Team 4. I will never forget your inspiring story.

20.58: 2 minutes…

20.48: Team 40: “After 36 hours of busking. dancing and flying our way to Prague, and raising £400 in donations, Team 40 have had such an incredible experience.”

20.46: 14 minutes until the winners are announced… Will it be Team 4 (Thailand) or 35 (Brazil). Or will a wild card enter the fray? Whatever happened to team 42 anyway?

20.45: Team 16 – “On our way back to Cambridge after hitting 66 embassies. Selfies from them all, apart from the Israeli, which naturally had armed guards outside and “no photography” signs.  Have we won?”

20.25: THE SAGA OF TEAM 4 (who were previously in Bangkok and are now soldiering on further):

3.00: Team 4: “Are we winning? Will crawl further if need be.”

6.00: RAG HQ: “Don’t get complacent. We have another team doing very well.”

6.30: Team 4: “Call us. Now.”

Apparently they met some backpackers from Oxford who worshipped them for their Jailbreak shirts. Despite their differences, they bonded (Romeo and Juliet style).

7.00: “We are fucking going 160km East of Bangkok. You’ve ruined everything!”

7.26: “Leaving Bangkok in badly driven Tuktuk, heading South East.”

8.00: Phone call: “If you get in touch with Rio, say ‘nice work guys. But fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.’”


20.23: Our Pirates, heading for Luxembourg. Motto: if you can’t beat em, go as Indie as possible.


20.18: Cheers Sachin, who took over for long enough for me to have a nap. Hopefully the quality of the jokes will improve. Hopefully.

19:42: Update from Team 11- “Thanks to cheap Turkish transport our £11 is getting us to the blue mosque. About to get on the metro now.”

19:08: Team 11 bucket crisis resolved. Team 14 have chauffeured bucket to Prague. They remain nowhere to be seen. We remain confident that the bucket will return safely.

18:55: Team 4 is drunk and stressed about Team 35. Poor souls.

18:43: Our Rag insiders tell us it’s extremely tight between team 4 and team 35. This is going to be competitive.

18.36: On a note of fairness, Team 36 are well on the way to Rio Di Janeiro, and Team 21 are nearly at Miami. This is not yet finished.

18.35: I love team 4

18.26: And did those feet in 2015
Walk upon Bangkok’s mountains green:
And was the holy jailbreak,
On RAG’s competent administration seen!

And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon their tired feet?
And was Cambridge builded there,
Among those foreign, whiskey-filled streets?

Bring me my bucket of rattly gold;
Bring me my tickets of desire:
Bring me my journey: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from literal flight,
Nor shall my bucket sleep in my hand:
Till we have reached somewhere really far away,
And beaten all the other teams

We’ve raised for Charity more and more

Yes, it’s true, I love Team 4

18.25: Team 4 (a.k.a Team Dreamboat): “Drinking responsibly in Bangkok, drinking illegal street whiskey”. Yes people, you heard it here first.


18.15: A bit of light reading from Team 6:

15.40: Tekken is heating up.

15.14: Team 30: “Had a tour around Belfast and did busking on the tour bus in the morning. John’s old injury on knee started to get worse so have decided to book a return flight for 4pm. Still on bus. Will we miss the flight?” This is the definition of living life on the edge.

15.10: Team 16, Kane and Zachary: “Hello RAG. We have been terribly unsuccessful at raising money for flights, so have decided to visit £75 countries in one day, all in London while rattling our buckets to raise money. A selfie album has been compiled. Prepare to have your minds blown.

Embassies count a countries, right?”

15.09: Team 18 have made it to Budapest. Apparently there’s an interesting story on the way. Stay tuned.

14.56: Look out for the 9 Million Bicycles.

14.15: Team RAG: Just did a MacDonald’s run, think we’ve beaten Team 32, who have returned to Cambridge

14.06: Team 6 are about 150 miles North of Toulouse. Pretty.

13.52: A motivational video I ought to have posted yesterday:

13.50: Teams 23 and 36 are on their way to Greece, Team 3 are already there.

Michael, the Chair, says that if they go to Cephalonia they can go to his house. What an offer. I’m sure there are lots of chairs.

13.47: All is quiet in RAG HQ, everyone is exhausted from intensive Tekken playing.

13.13: Again, late update: Team 39 and 15 both in Turkey, in Dalaman and Istanbul respectively.

[iframe url=”″ width=”1000″ height=”600″]

13.08: Team 36: “Boarding plane to Athens!”

13.04: Sent in a while back by Henry Cunnison, Team 6: A good Parisian morning!

13.02: If anyone’s heard for Team 33 (Pierre and Drago) can you let us know!

12.59: Team Jailbreak: Tekken has been found, you guys are on your own.

12.56: Team 23 (James and Oliver) – “are you old enough to be a university student? Because you look about 12” On three separate occasions.

12.53: Phew, Luke here, sorry for the blip – connection be poor in the Bahamas. Team 42 are all doing fine. We’re in good spirits, just lying low trying to avoid the dragon.

11:20: HUGE NEWS

11:19: From RAG President: “We have someone in Dundee. Why.”

11:16: Oh dear…

11:12: Message from Sportz Teem – Still in Rome. Going to ask the Pope to gift us a candle holder or some similar contraband.

10:24: Team 11 – Lost the RAG bucket so a pissed text was sent.

They responded with this: “BUCKET CRISIS RESOLVED! Team 14 are chauffeuring bucket to Prague, however they are currently nowhere to be seen. We remain confident that your bucket will be returned safely. Police statement to come.”  Bizarre.

10:16: Team 40 – “In Prague!!! It’s so sunny and we are heading into the centre! People were roller-skating through the airport, but apparently photos weren’t allowed in the airport (almost got deported)…”

10:12: Bantah from Team 17 – “We’re still at Cambridge. We might go to Oxford tonight. If we can’t go to the most physically distant place to Cambridge, we might as well try the most intellectually distant one.” Scorcher

10:05: Team 4 – if James and Jethro board a plane at 10.30pm, and that plane takes 11 hours to travel 6 thousand miles, at what point do they start seriously wishing they had bought return tickets?” RAG team responds: “now?”

10:00: …And we’re back.  LOADS has happened overnight – stay tuned to hear more.

23.30: Right, this is The Tab signing off. This is where people are as it stands (we think…)

1 To Stansted
3 Heathrow – to Athens
4 Flight to China
5 Victoria Coach Station
6 Bus to Barcelona
7 Hitch to Dover (M20)
8 London
10 London
11 Stansted
13 Bus to Belgium
14 Bus to Amsterdam
15 Flight to Athens
16 Stratford, London
17 back to Cambridge
18 Bus to Paris
20 to Amsterdam
21 Sloane Square
22 Belgium
23 Leicester Square
24 Bus to Amsterdam
25 Rome
26 Maidstone, Kent
27 Bus to Amsterdam
28 Megabus to Barcelona
30 Irish Sea
31 London
32 Leicester Square
33 Dover
34 Kings Cross
35 Amsterdam
36 Purley
37 London
39 To Gatwick, for Moscow
40 To Stansted
42 Bahamas

23.13: Henry, Sam, Liam, Signe Isaac and Emma: Boarding ferry for France/Spain.

23.03: Team 42: Charlotte is digging a well so we can have fresh water. I have climbed a tree with my one remaining arm to forage for coconuts. Mikey is getting swindled by a local tourist resort. All is now well.

22.56: Team 11: “P.S: China’s overrated anyway.” This is fighting talk.

22.53: Team 11 (Kitty and Tom): “novelty of airport wearing off. Flashmob?”

22:52 – Team 25 (Sports Team): “Touched down in the eternal city after the most emotional and bizarre 2.5 hours of my life. Ellie helped a lovely Italian lady overcome her fear of flying and received no less than 4 bottles of champagne as a thank you from the cabin crew! Useful additions to the armoury. We have also been offered use of the lady’s car and/or vespa and apartment next to St Peter’s. Game on, as it were.”

22.41: Team 40 – Hayley and Emily – have left Soho for Gatwick – apparently it was getting too rowdy.

The Chair chimed in: “Walking around Soho is great at this time of night, but not if you are dressed as a banana.”

22.40: Team 39 are planning on going to Moscow. However, doubts have been raised about Visas and stuff.

22.39: For is there not a dragon within all of us?

22.39: Team 42 are lost in the Jungle. We lost the Dragon, but we lost ourselves in the process.

22.33: The Team: exhaustion is setting in.

22.26: We are on the phone to Sports Team himself. Apparently they’re in Rome. They’re the furthest at the moment.

22.24: Team 4: “The plane is moving now and everyone has told me to turn my phone off.”

Everyone in RAG HQ laughed.

Well done Team 4.

22.20: The implanted microchips.

22.16: We have no idea where these team are: 10, 21, 22, 25, 33, 34, 39, 40. If we hear nothing we will have to use the microchips.

22.15: Pirates, where even are you?

22.13: Team 4 (<3 u) are now Boarding the plane to China. They’d like us to know that “if the planes goes missing, [they] had a happy life.”

22.12: Team 7, on being picked up by the police: “Picked up by popo for walking along M20, but all good, dw.” That means ‘don’t worry’ in internet land.

22.10: We have escaped, just. Michael is in tears. I lost an arm. Charlotte is shaken but unharmed. Bloody typical.


22.08: AAAAAAH IT’S THE DRAGON!!!!!!!!

22.07: But the beach is deserted…

22.06: Or a large gull.

22.06: Surely not. It was just my imagination.

22.05: Wait. Do I hear the beating of wings?

22.04: Mikey is sunning himself. It’s so peaceful here.

21.58: Team 4: “Just in for a piss. Been waiting for 4 hours, but just couldn’t stop fundraising #dedication”.

Gods among men. Gods. Among. Men.

21.53: Team 35: “Already in Amsterdam.” – First (known) to set foot on foreign soil. Basically Neil Armstrong.

21.46: Team Emily and Hayley (40) – “Keep getting told if we like big bananas we should hang around in Soho… Should have seen the innuendo coming.”

21.44: Image from like 7pm. I think it carries an important message about the futility of our existence.

21.43: As is basically everyone:

Please be a’checkin the map!

[iframe url=”″ width=”1200″ height=”600″]

21.32: Message from the Chair: “Please don’t let anything Luke’s written put you off applying for RAG positions next term.”

21.28: However, word of advice: if going to China, don’t write ‘Going to China for jokez’ as your Facebook status, because you freak the RAG team out.

And charity is serious business.

Don’t mess with RAG.

21.26: Are there any countries in which you can marry 2 men at once? Jethro and James I’m looking at you.

21.25: Will change my name by deed poll to Luke ‘Team 4’ Heppenstall-West.

21.23: I love Team 4.

21.20: Apparently they are going to China! All is well!

21.11: We are the verge of feud. All are waiting on tenterhooks for the reply of Team 4. The phone has been on a pedestal in the centre of the room. We are not speaking, just staring; waiting.

21.08: Team 17: “Back to Cambridge”. Heads are being shook.

21.03: Apparently Megabus have refunded. They are off to Amsterdam.

21.02: Factions have arisen. The sides are not speaking to one another.

20.59: Scepticism has set in. Are Team 4 joking?

20.58: Everyone is now calm.

20.57: The room has erupted. Everyone is very excited.


20.53: You know where’s nice? The Bahamas. These are my legs.

20:51: As are 14. Amsterdam seems like a plan.

20:50 – Team 24 (Rohan and Sam) off to Amsterdam. That rhymes.

20.44: Teams 20 and 14 have been refused entry onto the Megabus. Note, avoid the Megabus.

20.42: A man approached one of our teams and was convinced they were raising money for prisons. He’d been in prison for 5 years. He gave them £5 despite their protestations. Oh, the morality.

20.33: Team 42: Our plane has landed in the Bahamas. We’re going to have a competition for who can be the most cool.

19.47: Photographic proof that there are four Cambridge teams on the same coach to Barcelona:

19.42: Kathrine of Team 11 (bound for Istanbul tomorrow) “Have ditched my partner for an apple juice – is this against the rules?”

The RAG team did not smile, stating that it was not.

Charity is serious business.

Don’t mess with RAG.

19.42: Hayley and Emily: Bananas in Soho. I would pay to see that movie.

19.41: In the grand scheme of things, not much has happened. And yet, we are all different. This is an experience which has changed us all.

19.29: 3 CAMBRIDGE TEAMS ARE ON A BUS TOGETHER!!!1!111!1!!!! #bantabz

19.28: Sarah and Will, team 35: “The last time they used we used our beautiful poster…”

19.20: NEWS JUST THROUGH, TEAM 21 (or possibly 25 #poorRAGmin) ARE LEAVING FOR MIAMI AT 12.25 TOMORROW!!!!!!

“This is the most exciting news I’ve heard all day”, Quoth Kieran (who has emerged, alien-like, from Katie’s stomach).

Look how chuffed he is:

19.19: After 10 hours of incarceration, the sexual tension in this room is almost at bursting point. I predict close collaboration between The Tab and the ‘RAG Lads’ in the near future.

19.17: Jailbreak team just swore at their computer “Fucking hell, get out of the UK!!!” If you value your friends, send them money!

18.56: Henry, of Team 6, is eating a sandwich.

18.54: Team 13: “Boarding a train to Fiji, no joke.” Hmmmmm…

18.52: Ali and Jonathan, Team 7: “Wise words from Stephen: ‘boys never grow up, they just get richer and have bigger toys’ #legend”

18.47: Liam and Signe, Team 18: “Change of plan: no cheap flights available at Heathrow, have headed back to London. However, have booked Megabus arriving at 6am tomorrow!” Such class…

18.38: Team 35, Will and Sarah: “Enjoying a lovely meal at Carluccio’s – in bloody Heathrow airport! Waiting for a flight to Amsterdam!” Amsterdam… Good place to spend the night…

18.20: Unknown Team: “There’s a pigeon on the train! Well jokes!”

18.17: Team 13 (Pirates): “These coppers won’t count themselves! Arrrrrrrr!”


18.09: Charlotte, Michael and I have left our Parisian utopia and are boarding a plane for the Bahamas. Try to catch us now, dragon!

18.08: Team 26, Stephen and Mila: “Hitchhiked on M11 to East Finchley, now on tube to Lewisham.” Truly, team 26, you are the pioneers of the modern age.

18.06: Team 22: “Rejection after rejection in Dover, until finally someone took us, even though he was already running late. So we are ready to board the 19.45 ferry to Calais.” Woooooh leaving home shores!!!

18.05: Team 13 “People are surprisingly giving when they have severe beard envy.” Maybe if our politicians all grew beards, people would be more willing to pay tax…

18.02: Team 6 (Henry and Mackie #Queensqueensqueens) have got themselves on a coach to Barcelona, leaving at 8. Unfortunately, it takes 20 hours. Soooo…

17.57: Team 40, Banana-clad Emily and Hayley are at London Kings Cross. “Flights booked for tomorrow and we are staying up all night in Soho, London!” I suppose it’s the best place to do it.

[iframe url=”″ width=”700″ height=”300″]

17.54: Team 4 (go team 4!): Jethro just bought us a drink in a corner shop. When the man gave him his change, he said ‘thank you, that’s very kind of you, it all helps!'”. I mean yeah. Sort of.

17.53: I am exhausted. My fingers are stuck to the keys. Do you want to know how many cups of coffee I’ve had today? 6. That’s a lot. I’m basically a junkie. Life has lost all meaning. Sponsor me for my self-indulgent whinging.

17.52: Team 35 in dire distress: “Desperate toilet urge for the last two hours, no toilet in sight #prayforwillandsarah”

17.50: Team 23, Oliver and James: “So when people pour ice water over themselves to raise money for charity, it’s a “beautiful display of empathy” and “powerfully raises awareness.” I’m “an asshole” and “have to leave KFC.” #team23″. Take form this what you will.

17.47: Team Jailbreak: still in Emma MCR. Fatigue is beginning to set in, the supply of M&Ms is drying up. Katie has eaten Kieran and assumed presidency.

17.46: Team 30 (John and Cindy) : missed their transfer and took a really crowded train without getting a seat. Had to sit on the floor. Their suffering must not be in vain. Donate!

17.45: Oliver and James, Team 23: “Still in London, begging for cash to get a ticket somewhere..Tired and hungy…Now I know how it feels to have an English degree”

17.44: Team 20 (Rachel and Katie): “Rachel was just proposed to by a stranger. She said she’d only marry him if he donated. Unfortunately their relationship didn’t work out, but the doormen at the Ritz Hotel then gave us money-we might be engaged, not quite sure.” Does selling your body count if its for charity?

17.04: Henry and Mackie of Team 6, again (we’re bezzies, see): “Some kid tells us he would donate £50 if we were doing it for Palestine. Was tempted to lie. Didn’t though…” Since when did integrity do anyone any good?

17.02: Team 35 send edgy tube photo. Edginess pays guys, edginess pays.

17.00: Katherine and Thomas, Team 11: “going back to college to print tickets and charge phones and then istambul here we come!” Shit is actually hitting the fan. My fingers are a blur, they are leaving the country like… Mad… Things…

16.59: More from Team 25: Mikey just pointed out that Carthage is where dido is from. I (Katie) assumed he meant dido of that epic song “white flag”

actually a mythical figure apparently

16.57: Jerry and Ellie, Team 25: “Sports Team have always said that all roads lead to Rome.They’re not wrong. After a backbreaking day pestering undeserving tourists, we eventually raised enough to book a last minute flight online and are now on the tube to Heathrow to catch our 18.30pm flight to the eternal city.Once there, we plan to plunder the city and use it’s riches to hire a small Genoese flotilla and launch a naval attack on Carthage.” Oh Cambridge, how you pervade the very core of our beings.

16.55: team 4: “just met bbc radio 2’s Steve wright – nicest guy ever, he donated of course”. Of course he did. What a guy.

16.31: Team 40: “free tickets to London kings cross – had a great day of fundraising in cam – people loved banana costumes”. So many bananas

16.14: Satire from Team 6: “Scotsman on seeing sign mentioning escaping england- “weve been trying that for years”. He didn’t donate” Well, [insert Scottish stereotype here] .

16.10: Luke here, big shout out to P. Jayes for taking over for two hours and letting me regain my sanity.

16.08: Team 18: “Currently at Victoria! Londoners have contributed so much to the journey – it’s also been so cool to meet Americans, Dutch, Chileans and French! Aiming to get to Gatwick asap” Could any of these Americans, Dutch people, Chileans or French people take you home with them?

15.58: Team 26: “Trying to get to Dover, currently on bus to park and ride. Busked £43, busking is hard”. Let them sniff their way too Dover!!!

15.56: Team 37: “We made friends wirth a train driver and are now travelling to London to free and in style”. Toot toot?

15.53: Really anxious to find out if the Parisian team are having a lovely time on their Veranda. I hope they are. I hope it’s really great for them

15.49: Tom and Kitty, Team 11:  “Confirmed 6am flights to Prague and then ISTANBUL for tomorrow! Now doing more fundraising in Kings Parade to be able to get home.” Look Cambridge is pretty much Prague right now, I’m not jealous of you guys at all.

15.40: Will and Sarah, Team 35: “Just saw a tree photo incoming”. That’s exactly what we all just saw too, Will and Sarah…Maybe get some shut-eye?? Everything is going to be ok.

15.36: Team 17 tentatively strike gold

15.19: I’m getting into the spirit of things with an exotic straw


15.13: Rachel and Katie, Team 20: “At Heathrow Terminal 2 with only £50 for a flight. No idea what we’re doing. Might go to the prayer room.” You should head to the duty free and sample some free perfume before you do that. Good luck girls!

15.10: A Twitter rival is on the scene. They seem bitter about the hashtag #ragjailbreak2015 as it is far longer than their #JB15. “@cambridgerag your hashtag may be longer but you know what isn’t?…your followers list”. #JB15: do you need some Sheba? Because you’re getting a bit catty.

15.09: Tom and Kitty, Team 11: “Having a quick stop back home at Selwyn, flights imminent…” Stick to what you know guys.

15.06: Niamh, Team 5: “Traded a kitkat for two packs of wotsits with a truck-driving builder cum artists photographer.” No one has ever had their priorities more straight, just make sure you don’t get wotsit dust all over yourself for the whole journey Niamh. Been there before and it’s not fun.

14.59: Just received a snapchat of Buckingham Palace with the comment ‘I wonder whether she has any change.’ Sadly we couldn’t screenshot in time!!
Never fear, an alternative snapchat is here:

Thought so

14.58: Katherine and Thomas, Team 11: “Still on Kings Parade. Flights booked to Prague.” Fair play to you, Team 11!

14.32: Jethro and James, Team 4: “still in Mayfair. Biggest donation so far was from two very stoned men sitting on a fountain. I don’t think they knew what we were talking about.” Sounds like you know exactly how to play this, I’m very proud. Keep strong J’s xoxo

14.31: Will and Sarah, Team 35: “Just saw a pigeon on the train, was well jokes”. Keep the fun coming in, Will and Sarah!

14.30: Unknown team: “I’ve never seen a faun this close up before.They are so beautiful. This place is amazing.” WHERE ARE THEY?!?! THAT JUST DOESN’T RING ANY BELLS.

14.27: Riss and Harrie, Team 13:
Near misses with being arrested- 1
Number of strangers to tell us that a more worthy cause would be to fight for cats- 1
Number of people to try to give us clothing due to mistaking us for being homeless- 1
Number of threats to Princess Riss to ‘snog your face off’- 1
Bemused stares from strangers- 726

Looking good boys

14.15: Team 39 have made it to TFL’s pearly gates….But what is this thing they call an “Oyster card”?????

Mustafa feels trapped

14.08: Good afternoon from sunny Magdalene! No one wants to tell me where they are so I have a q for you guys instead. Answer to come.

Sorry not sorry

13.55: Discussing validity of going to another temporal dimension in RAG HQ. We think that if you find a wormhole, you’ve basically won.

13.53: From “Unknown”: “I’ve never seen a fawn this close up before.They are so beautiful. This place is amazing.” Narnia, I tell you.

13.49: Rachel and Katie, Team 20: “Stuck at Royston for 45 minutes. Scrapped the train and have taken a taxi with some rushed travellers to Heathrow Airport”. Eyebrows are raised in RAG HQ at this novel strategy.

13.42: Team 11 (Katherine and Thomas) have made it so far…

13.33: “Bravo bravo Team 18 aka Liam and Signe here. We’ve on the way South to London Liverpool St. sponsored so kindly by Ahmed! The strategy so far has been to raise as much as possible in Cambridge – successful as many tourists are here for Varsity and Homertonians are the nicest college ;). We didn’t know what to do about a man grabbing 5 pounds out of our charity bucket though!”

13.31: Sarah and Saskia, Team 31: “‘Would you be interested in donating?’ ‘Absolutely not!’ ‘Oh, okay…'”. Seriously though, you are still in John’s..

13.23: Don’t forget to check out the map!

[iframe url=”″ width=”700″ height=”300″]

13.15: Charlotte Michael and I are chilling out on our Parisian Veranda laughing at you plebs who’ve failed to leave England

13.10: John and Cindy – Team 30: “On the train to Manchester” Controversial. Screw the south. Apparently, their destination is Ireland. Aim big guys, aim big.

13.05: James and Jethro (hype hype hype)  Team 4: “In Mayfair. Just found a note of 10 Azerbaijani… Dollars?”

12.55: Team 16: “At Harrods [“Harrods?!”, exclaimed Michael, from Paris], big anti-fur protesters hindering our efforts to woo potential sponsors.” Do you think you could join the protesters and try to get extradited?

12.50: Saskia and Sarah, Team 31: “stopping for lunch [in John’s], will escape eventually.” This is essentially a sponsored lunch. That should be a thing.

12.46: Henry, of Team 6 fame: “People in London are stingy as fuck. I blame Thatcher.” Sam Mackie is not impressed.

12.41: Oliver and James, Team 23: In contact, but we have no idea where they are. I’m guessing Narnia.

12.33: Amanda and Eulilee, Team 34: “Just got to Stansted Airport without spending any money and having raised quite a bit.” Looking hopeful, I might change my allegiance from Team 4…

12.28: Alistair and Jonathan, Team 7: “Have blagged a free coach ride to London vic thanks to Mark. All good, planning on Folkston after London.”

12.27: Matteo & Suzanne ,Team 37: “Still in Cambridge #strategy. Susie’s onesie seems to attract UKIP voters ;).” I would pay to see this onesie.

12.24: Jethro and James, Team 4 (go Team 4). “Just been scavenging around Trafalgar Square. Considered taking money out of the fountain. Didn’t.” Could you capture loads of pigeons and use them as a means of transport, James and the Giant Peach style?

12.12: Dalia & Miriam, Team 22. Abridged: “We wandered around a bit, hitchhiked and are now heading to Dover. Tally ho!” Hope you see bluebirds.

12.10: Saskia and Sarah, Team 31, “Just hitting John’s Buttery, bring change!” Oh Team 31, you jokers you.

12.08: Henry and Mackie (Reppin’ Queens – funny story, I’ve offered them £2 for every country they get into. Hopefully they won’t do well. Sorry, that’s not very charitable. But hey) – Team 6. “I tweeted, just at kings cross, despite drunk guy trying to steal our donation bucket.” Whatever happened to charity?

12.00: Late entry Team 42, comprising of Luke, Charlotte and Michael, have reached Paris, having been chased out of the country by a dragon.

11.56: Still no word. Tears abound in RAG HQ.

11.50: Nothing has come in for half an hour. Have assumed the worst. Death certificates have been signed.

11.45: Blurred Lines has come on the Radio in RAG HQ. All are cringing.

11.30: Riss and Harrie, Team 13, are in London #PiratesofParkLane

11.26: Clemens and Jiwoo, Team 17: “We’re on the train to London and have received huge support by two very kind ladies on the train: Jayne and Catherine from Norwich who took our bucket and went fundraising in the train for us! (As we are not allowed) They also helped us count it: 93 pounds!”

Such babes!!!

11.23: Alistair and Jonathan – Team 7: “Bombing down M11 with Jennie towards Stanstedafter an hour of waiting on the Cambridge slip road. Shoutout to Chapel 2 at Jesus!”

11.19: finally managed to get the map embedded! Check it oot. Poor technological show from Luke.

[iframe url=”″ width=”700″ height=”300″]

11.15: Hype Team 4!

11.09: Kane and Zack – Team 16. “On a train to London. Pembroke til I die!” Thanks, Team 16. Keeping it real.

11.02: Shout out to Jerry from Team 25 from world famous band “Sports Team”. I have no idea where he is, but I’m sure he’s being cool.

10.57: Stephen and Mila – Team 26. Hi Jailbreak, Mela and I [good grammar there] have busked a fair amount. Thank you Cambridge! We also randomly came across Jimmy’s [homeless charity]”

Stephen and Mila in the flesh


10.55: I’m personally supporting Team 4. Not with money, but with spirit. You go guys.

10.54: Jethro and James – Team 4. “We’re at the British Museum – it’s shit”

10.34: Sophie and Nieve – Team 5. “Just arrived at St. Albans”. St Albans, a.k.a money town.

10.26: Jerry and Ellie – Team 25. “Escaped the jail and now crossing a border. Cambridgeshire that is. Some bloke paid us to have an in-depth discussion aboutwhether revolution is dead in Egypt. We’ve crossed Cairo off the list. Next stop, King’s Cross.” Not quite the same though is it?

10.22: Team 31 again again… “Now begging our lecturers for money” Shagging your supervisor is also on the cards, you heard it here first.

10.12: Team 31 again. “Been rejected by an Oxford student #GDBO”.

10.11: Alexandra and Sarah, Team 31. “Just been given 6 dollars. Maybe we should head to America…” #logik

10.10: Sophia Virup – Team 10. “On a train to London King’s Cross.”

10.08: Rissa and Harrie – Team 13 (Pirates). “Raised enough money to get to London! En route to King’s Cross. Team Bearded Ladies!”

10.07: Alexandra and Sarah – Team 37. “Just been given on fundraising attire by thoughtful women in the street.” Street style does pay, after all.

10.00: Live map is up and running! Check it out here or at

9.52: The hangover strikes.

9.50: David and Fay – Team 8. “Have raised enough money to get Train Tickets to London. New Zealand here we come!” Send Brett and Jermaine my regards.

Wait. Is that racist?

9.48: The RAG team have discovered a Playstation 1 and the board game Articulate. If the live feed goes dead, you know why.

9.47: Jethro and James – Team 4. “We’re only on the bloody train to London! I keep sneezing and we haven’t got any croissants.” It’s a hard knock life.

9.41: Oliver and James – Team 23. “Drunk guy gave us a tenner #balling #Londonherewecome #wemadeitpastGirton”. You mean there’s a place beyond Girton?

9.38: Again, apologies for lack of feed between 8.30 and 9.00. Here are a few of the teams I bumped into before they set off. More to come later:

Riss & Harrie – Team 13; Signe and Liam – Team 18

Strategy: Riss and Harrie – “Get to the Carribean!!!!!” Cos they pirates, you see. Signe and Liam – “just, you know, get lost in a crowd… Probably in the Grand Arcade…”

Bella and Mustafa – Team 39

College: Homerton

Townie quote: “Oh fucking hell, it’s Breaking Bad.”


Nikhil and Max – Team 4

College: Robinson

Strategy: ‘Ummm… Head for London?”

9.26: Sophie and Nieve, Team 5: Trumpington park and ride. Park and ride guys, park and ride.

9.23: Jerry and Ellie, Team 25. “Still on Parker’s Piece, struggling to break out of jail. Should have finished watching the first series of Prison Break. Besides, this is imprisonment without trial – haven’t they heard of Habeus Corpus?”. 1) Don’t finish watching Prison Break now. 2) You know you’re in Cambridge when someone uses the phrase “Habeous Corpus” in their fundraising event.

9.21: Jethro and James, Team 4. “First donation at Cambridge station. Ran too hard, trying not to vomit.” The struggle is real.

9.20: Someone’s on a bus. Already. RAG HQ are impressed.

9.17: Apologies for lack of feed – you hardcore fans who were up since 8 are doubtless annoyed. Am now situated in Emma MCR with wifi. Get Keen.

9.00: And they’re off!

8.30: arrived at the scene. Lookin good

8:22: And so it begins. As in, I’ve just woken up. Right now I’m having a strong instant coffee (First Year dinner and Lola’s last night was probably, in retrospect, a mistake) and a crumpet. Wow, so interesting.

Stay tuned, setting off for Parker’s Piece as we speak.