TOMORROW: A Major Lazer locks on to Cambridge

Cadenza, newest member of Major Lazer, touches down at Fez tomorrow.

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It’s not often that we have to start a music article with a disclaimer as weird as this:

But we must at this stage point out there we are talking about Cadenza – Major Lazer comrade and son of the legendary David ‘Ram Jam’ Rodigan not Cadenza, the Cambridge-based acapella group who describe themselves as “Cambridge’s premier mixed a cappella group, nothing more to add really“. Yeah ’nuff said fam.

Reggae? I’ve tried the sauce but found it rather spicy.

With that cleared up, here comes the bit where I give you the run-down on Cadenza’s music and how to pull off that “I’m so clued up and urban even though I’m really not” vibe. Cadenza has been pulling the strings behind tracks for giants of the scene such as Lily Allen, Stylo G (remember him from Strawberries & Creem festival?) and the up-and-coming Kiko Bun as well as making his own music and recently, being welcomed into the Major Lazer fold.


Cadenza’s real name is Oliver Rodigan and, as mentioned, he is the son of Reggae impresario David Rodigan. The reggae influence is of course present throughout his work, but this isn’t a simple continuation of the family sound. Cadenza’s work with artists such as Wiley and the encompassing of trap and grime influences shows the person direction in which he takes his music.


Again, this sort of booking is testament to the fact that the Cambridge scene is really starting to come to life – we’ve had so many huge artists this term and I can only see it improving after Christmas. Oh yeah, this night also marks the end of term. Probably best you get yourself a ticket, nab some pre-drinks from Sainsburys and get the glittery eyeliner out.

This one is going to be naughty.