TONIGHT’S TURF: Part two of our ‘how to be cool’ guide

Zed Bias is in town for the round two of Turf.

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Unless you live under a rock or you know, at Girton, you will have read about or perhaps attended the Turf event at the end of freshers week.

By all accounts it was a resounding success and brought some well needed cool to Cambridge. More successful than the event itself, was The Tab guide to Turf (obviously). We know you’re not cool really, not deep down, and so do you – so help us to help you. Sit back and study this run-down of tonight’s big names and just maybe you can pass yourself off as a bass-music aficionado.

Zed Bias

Zed Bias was a pioneer in the UK Garage scene while you were still just a twitch in your daddy’s nut sack. Not heard the name? I guarantee you’ve heard ‘Neighbourhood’ at some point in your life, potentially in a very sweaty nightclub at the peak of an ecstasy tablet (some experiences may vary). No, the track is not called “I feel good, good, good”.

What to say: I much prefer Zed Bias’ early stuff in the world of UKG to his dubstep under the Maddslinky name.

What not to say: Zed Bias – isn’t he a character from Tekken?


Moxie – part of Radio 1’s “In new DJ’s we trust” line up, NTS Radio host and widely-respected tune selector, Moxie blends underground with mainstream in a way that’s so casual. Her smooth style has gained respect from ravers and industry heads alike. Moxie is on a lot of artist’s “one to watch” lists and is definitely a name you will hear more of in years to come.

What to say: Have you heard any of the ‘Moxie Presents’ series? That snakes and ladders tune is crazy.

What not to say: Isn’t Moxie an American soft drink?

Love me a bit of Moxie

Cardinal Sound

Cardinal Sound is a Cambridge-based talent that a few of you will know from events such as Creem and Flash FM. He’s hate quite a meteoric rise in the last few years, going from bedroom DJ to festival stalwart in no time at all. Those of you here last year will remember his name from Strawberries & Creem festival too.

What to say: I think his Flash FM night was a breath of fresh air, but then I’ve always liked 80s dance music

What not to say: What, is he like Catholic or something?

So there you have it, round two of our Tab Turf guide – use the knowledge we haven given you very wisely, with great power comes great responsibility. Probably. Find more info on the Facebook.