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Stop moaning about Cambridge clubbing

Get over yourself mate

The Tab’s guide to becoming a student DJ

Of all the hives of BNOCery in Cambridge, the student DJ community is the most elusive and trendy. Because we love you, here’s a guide to becoming the uni’s top selector.

The Week Ahead: A Streetcar Named Desire, Mark Hamill and Turf @ Junction

From Luke Skywalker to Lare+Lola, we bring you all the must-attend events for this week

TONIGHT’S TURF: Part two of our ‘how to be cool’ guide

Zed Bias is in town for the round two of Turf.

TONIGHT: The first Turf of term!

You deserve a night out after your lectures today.

Superstar DJs hit Cambridge Turf

Turf’s up, dudes

No napping with Napper

Isobel Cockerell meets Cambridge DJ legend, Napper Tandy, founder of Turf.

TURF to programme Sidney Sussex May Ball

Not content with revolutionising Cambridge clubbing, it seems TURF is set to make its May Ball debut

Tab Presents: Turf Live! Episode One

Tab presents Turf Live! episode one. Get your hit of House before you head to Cindies tonight for a healthy dose of cheese.