Director Baz Luhrmann to speak at the Cambridge Union

He’s coming on Friday 23rd October

Baz Luhrmann Cambridge great gatsby Moulin Rouge Romeo and Juliet The Cambridge Union University of Cambridge

This Friday, Baz Luhrmann – the man with a directorial repertoire including “The Great Gatsby”, “Moulin Rouge” and “Romeo and Juliet” – will be leaving the wealthy, out-of-touch, self-congratulatory institution that is Hollywood to come and speak at the University of Cambridge.

53-year-old Luhrmann, whose films have grossed an estimated $300 million over his 22 year career, is set to talk on the 23rd of October about his time as an actor, producer and director.

Oliver Mosley, Union Society President, told The Tab “it’s impossible to express my excitement without accidentally expressing smugness; so please forgive me for the likely continued expression of both. In short – we’re really excited and you should be too”

Will he make them play dubstep?

This marks an eventful week at the Cambridge Union, with the gloriously eccentric Vivienne Westwood arriving (possibly by tank) three days before, on the 20th; and Yanis  Varoufakis – the sexiest man to grace the far left since Stalin turned 25 – speaking on the 26th.