The most humble Sainsbury’s basics labels

Who knew food produce could be so apologetic?

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No range of budget groceries has ever had as much of an inferiority complex as the Sainsbury’s basics brand. Due to what can only be described as a questionable marketing choice based on extreme faith in the power of reverse psychology, the flimsy orange packaging always comes with a remorseful slogan.

These mottos seem to be constructed to say ‘I am sorry, I wouldn’t buy me either’. Maybe this is a comment on our society. In the age of Facebook and Instagram social competitiveness even the things we are meant to want to buy have endearingly low self-esteem.

Sometimes they even masquerade as other products that are definitely not edible, as this Twitter user has pointed out.

You could probably create an interesting piece of beat poetry from listing these labels. We haven’t, but here are some of the most bizarre:



For the feckless and fancy free shopper who isn’t constrained by society’s insatiable demands for regularly sized carrots.

Lasagna sheets


Sorry kids, we’re too poor to afford those fancy pigmented lasagna sheets.



Hardworking British sausages for breakfasts as British as Jeremy Clarkson, Argos, and painfully sun-burnt necks.



Why pay more for a complicated sponge?



‘My Family’ after Nick moved out.



Definitely not from the tap. Definitely..

Cheese spread


Also the slogan in an NHS information leaflet comparing Chlamydia to Gonorrhoea.



Just incase you thought this was going to count as one of your 5-a-day.

Pitta bread

11414694_851211451634186_1292147117_o (1)

Disclaimer: Only works if said lunchbox is also smaller



And lastly…these meatballs didn’t even get a slogan. Not even Sainsbury’s can put a bright side on this one.

Essentially, the basics product is definitely the Milhouse of the Sainsbury’s world, shuffling into a room and taking a pump from an asthma inhaler before just suggesting you buy one of its better, more impressive friends.

Expectations duly lowered, the actual products are usually fine.