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Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

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Facing up to the challenges of shifting friendship groups, the collegiate system, and the infamous workload

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Who knew food produce could be so apologetic?

I don’t have exams but I’m still stressed

Preview: The Last Post

OLIVIA BELL meets Henry Jenkinson (Composer/Co-writer) and Paige Thompson (Producer), who are preparing for The Last Post, a new musical set in 1939 in an English village on the precipice of war.

This Froyo is hollow, just like my soul

Frozen yoghurt leaves JOE GOODMAN feeling empty, in more ways than one.

46% of Cambridge students Depressed

We asked, and you responded – in startling numbers. Nearly half of the Cambridge student population are suffering from depression, a Tab survey shows.

Reasons to be Cheerful in Week 5

The dreaded week has struck, but POPPY MORRIS is at hand to give you reasons to turn that frown upside down.

Confessions of the Sad, Lonely and Single

Whilst a herd of lovers flocked to Pizza Express this Tuesday past, an entirely different story was unravelling in many a lonely gyp room…

Coping With Depression: My Experience

KIT PRESTON BELL shares his experience of overcoming depression in Cambridge.

Sophie Thorpe

The Bubble gets too much for SOPHIE THORPE this week, so she runs away to the country for some bubbly. Much better.