Forget eduroam: Cambridge finally gets decent wifi

The era of eduroam has passed

Cambridge Cambridge University wifi

Brace yourselves. CambWifi is coming to a street near you.

The city is becoming super-connected with the launch of a new public wi-fi network, CambWifi.

Over 100 public buildings and streets are becoming free wi-fi hotspots, making it easier for us to get online.

Spreading happiness: the celestial sticker of free wi-fi

Demand has ballooned since the service was launched last year and Cambridge University, with the help of The Cloud and Connecting Cambridgeshire, are now working on plans to extend its range to Jesus Green.

And, thanks to the partnership between Connecting Cambridgeshire and local councils, the Greater Cambridge area will soon benefit as well.

Councilor Lewis Herbert said: “It is great to extend free public wi-fi to community centres and council buildings across Cambridge, including parts of the city gaining free wi-fi for the first time.”

Jesus Green, aka social media Siberia

Council leaders gathered at The Meadows Community Centre in Arbury on Monday to connect a video call to colleagues on Jesus Green.

For wi-fi wizard Claire Ruskin, CEO of Cambridge Network, “Accessible wi-fi is very important and we appreciate the initiative to keep making things easier.”

“Cambridge is a great place to do business, a great place to live and if we can’t meet people face to face then free wi-fi is nearly the next best thing.”

About time.