Look good in Lent: Top tips

Take heed, ugly Cantabs

Cambridge fashion warm winter

Term is well under way.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find January is a rather anticlimactic month. And we have pretty unappealing things to look forward to (my mind turns to essay all-nighters and Monday morning 9ams).

But why not try that whole ‘New Year, New Me’ malarkey and take on 2015 feeling and – just as importantly – looking good?

Take our advice on how to boost your mood and express yourself in the New Year:

Braving new shades and colours

1. Think summer with bright and bold colours

January is a pretty dull month, with a likelihood of cold, wet weather and a general mood of Christmas nostalgia. Better colours are guaranteed to lift your spirit when the January blues hit.

Try out some new colours that don’t feature in your wardrobe yet to keep your style fresh and fun. Think splashes of yellows, pinks and oranges, as well as some staple pastel pieces that can be alternated with different outfits.

2. Stay warm

We might long for sun but the warmer months are still a long way off. In the meantime, layer up when you head out into the Cambridge drizzle. Who says fashion can’t be stylish AND warm? My wardrobe essentials include a faux fur headband (any woolly hat will do), wrap around scarf, cosy coat and thick gloves.

Getting caught out in the cold won’t do anything to lift your spirits, so make sure you are fully equipped to take on January.

All fuzzy and warm


3. Get a coat

Admittedly a coat will be an expensive addition to your wardrobe. But. Winter coats rarely go out of fashion so this investment will have you covered for a good few years.

Make the most of the January sales and your student discount by checking out the Asos, Missguided and Topshop websites for sales of up to 75% off coats and jackets.

4. Accessorise
Remember to accessorise. Accessories make an outfit. A staple chunky gold necklace, for example, is extremely versatile. Match it with a few bracelets and a statement ring and you have all you need to dress up a shirt, complement a casual jumper and put the finishing touches to your ‘little black dress’ at formal.

Remember to give yourself some quality ‘you time’ every so often, by applying a new nail varnish or lip colour to team with your favourite outfit. These small details are easy to achieve and will bring your outfit together.

Accessories are everything


This Topshop jewellery was purchased in the sale; the chain bracelet for just £2.50. Why not try accessorising with hats and gilets? Cambridge is the perfect place for you to experiment with new styles, and the New Year is the perfect time.