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Fresh prince of Ballare: Best dressed at Cindies

Drunk and dapper

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The best winter trends to keep you toasty yet stylish

Your official guide to looking hot in the cold

EXCLUSIVE: Fitzwilliam Winter Ball headliners revealed

There’ll be something for everyone on the night

150 sleeping rough in Cambridge: it’s “far easier to ignore the problem than to address it”

Why more people than ever are begging on Cambridge’s streets

Beauty PHOTOSHOOT: Winter is Coming

Through step by step tutorials, THE TAB presents two dramatic beauty looks, perfect for elevating your ordinary makeup when the dark nights set in.

Look good in Lent: Top tips

Take heed, ugly Cantabs

Why Lent is my favourite term

Lent term is a monster of modern times. It is big, fat and has a dissertation at the end of it. Some masochists amongst us have learned to love it, however…

Street Style: The Library

You looked fantastic in the library this week. BEN DALTON was watching.

Impossible! A shoot with Lily Cole

As part of the launch of Lily Cole’s app Impossible, we met up for a Saturday morning stroll and took a few photos. Scroll to the bottom for the full screen slide show

Tab Guide to Appreciating Autumn

MOLLIE WINTLE shows you some of the seasonal delights and diversions…

Winter White

White dominates the high street along with the snow.

Camshots: Cold Snap Chic

Kicking off Lent 2013, TAB FASHION went out in search of the best of Cambridge wintertime style.

Ice, Snow and Rail

MONA EBERT: “After you’ve been harassed, shoeless, kettled in like student protesters for hours and had to watch a mother drink her own breast milk, you begin to wonder why you bothered at all.”

All Grown Up

ANYA BURGON – “Cover up and grow up” this Autumn – in woollens, cashmeres and furs

Let It Snow

Review: Selwyn Snowball

A good spend of the overdraft despite a stupid one way system and few festive trappings.

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