Introducing Flo Carr: The Tab talks to the ADC Theatre Manager

We got in touch with Flo Carr, Cambridge Alum and ADC Theatre Manager, to chat about her role and the programme for this term

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What’s your favourite part of being theatre manager at the ADC?

“Spending time with hundreds of amazingly ambitious and mad students and working with an absolutely fantastic Management Team.”

As a sometimes theatre person, I suspect Flo is targeting that ‘mad’ line at me. Quite possibly.

Some of the particularly mad students Flo has to deal with.

Do you come across many difficult people to work with? 

“Only the pesky student journalists.”

Pesky is our way of life.

What do you think of the new rating system at Tab Theatre (university class rating)?

“I think it’s great. It may be the only chance for students doing theatre to get a 1st.

Sad, but true. The applause never quite fills the hole left by the rocky uncertainty of my future.

Is there a show, or several, you are particularly excited about?

“As a Musical Theatre junkie, I am most excited about ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ and ‘Rent’, but the ex-Classicist in me is very keen to see ‘Ajax440’.”

A frightening look inside the mind of a Musical Theatre junkie.

That pinboard is definitely not mine. I’m cool.

Equus is already selling particularly well… Who in the office is the most excited to see it?

“I think probably our Office Administrator, Rhys. His favourite album is Horses by Patti Smith.”

Because horses are definitely the reason people are going to see Equus.

Is it tricky balancing the artistic and commercial appeal of shows when programming a season?

“Choosing the season is certainly a tricky process as there are such a lot of great applications. We love taking risks on less well-known shows, giving students a safe space to experiment. But I think people too often seem to believe that a ‘commercial’ show can’t also be ‘artistic’. Regardless of what the show is, I think a production becomes artistic if the director makes the right choices.”

Just one Director, loving the commercial / artistic balance.

Several shows this term have strong social messages – how important do you find the social context of theatre?

“Very. It is more important than ever for Theatres to programme shows which tackle social issues, spark debate and make the audience question their preconceptions. But of course it is also important to have a balance and put on shows for people who just want to have some fun and be entertained for a couple of hours.”

We think this one is about the social problem of mould. We’re not sure.

How often do you find time to let your hair down and party it up with the students?

“Never. I am far too busy and important.”

Sadly, The Tab cannot publish our photos of Flo breaking it down, for fear of being sued.