Cambridge’s Best Bums 2014: Vote now

This year is about so much more than just the bums. Vote for your favourite below

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1. Vivienne from John’s reading Maths


Vivienne thinks that Euler’s identity is both a foremost example of deep mathematical beauty and more erotic than Fifty Shades of Grey.

2. Rob from King’s reading MML

Rob thinks that a closed text, like a closed society, inhibits the artistic creation of meaning.

3. Katie from Sidney Sussex reading English

Katie believes that underlying the pernicious imagery of so-called ‘bluestockings’ is the familiar dualism of mind and body, a key component of Western patriarchal ideology.

4. Thomas from Trinity reading Politics

Thomas believes that when considering the marginal benefit of platforming a particular perspective, we must take into account the political asymmetry which results in disproportionate harm to marginalised groups.

5. Natasha from Selwyn reading Music

Natasha believes Elgar’s later works reflect the last blaze of opulence of the pre-war era and are intrinsically intertwined with the birth of modern English orchestral symphony.

6. Kim from John’s reading Natural Sciences

Kim thinks what her publicist tells her to think.

7. Alice from Downing reading Computer Sciences

Alice believes that the demonisation of tabloid journalism by pseudo intellectuals is indicative of a latent hatred of the working classes among those concerned.

8. Marc from Pembroke reading Zoology

Marc believes that the evolution of the carbon concentrating mechanism in eukaryotic algae coincided with the evolution of the land plants and the resultant drop in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration.

9. Clara from Jesus reading HSPS

Clara believes that the feminine mystique is a synthesised opiate to the leaden fevers of the cadaverous Kyriarchy under which we all, consciously or not, belabour.

10. Nick from Girton reading Classics

Nick thinks that freedom of expression is a vital and unalienable right in a post-Millian society.

11. Lauren from Pembroke reading History of Art

Lauren supports the hypothesis that Goya was indeed a necrophiliac, and that the eroticism of his mutilated muse has been significantly understated in all recent scholarship – or indeed in any scholarship.

12. Stanley from Fitz reading English

Stanley believes that the scripture of our godless youth can be heard in their laughter.