Get Lost

Want to win prizes, get lost in England and raise money for charity? MICHAEL ZACHARIAS will tell you how

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You have been dropped off at a secret location.

You have 24 hours to get back to Cambridge

You have no money.

How quickly will you make it?

Want a taster? We present LOST in Girton:

On the 8th November a coachful of intrepid explorers/students will be dropped off at RAG’s mystery location – we wrap the coach in wrapping paper so they cant see out the window on the way. The students, in their weird and wonderful fancy dress, will then be let loose, and so, the frantic race back to Cambridge begins.Previous years have seen students dropped near the exotic locales of Southampton and Birmingham. This year – we’re going even roguer.

Be dropped off at a location like this…

However, this is no any ordinary race. Not only must you get back to Cambridge without spending any money, but students must complete a variety of amusing (perhaps slightly bizarre) challenges along the way. In the past these have included;

  • milking a cow
  • twerking in a public place
  • getting members of the public to sing and dance – see Youtube for an entire train carriage doing the Harlem Shake
  • getting Nuneaton FC to do the hokey-cokey
  • doing the local weather forecast

You may even find men with facial hair

While there are the challenges, many students end up with even more amazing anecdotes.

One gentleman permanently dyed a blue strip into his hair.

Someone else started a 17 person conga line on the high street.

Last year, one student blagged a free ride in a helicopter. WHO KNOWS WHERE THIS DAY WILL LEAD YOU?!?!

Get married, raise money for charity, play golf: hole in one.

The more challenges you complete and the faster you get back to Cambridge the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the greater chance you will have of winning one of our fabulous prizes. These currently include:



(Rumour has it that there might be some May Ball tickets being thrown into the mix very soon…)

Want to learn to make these?

So how do I get involved?

Excellent question! To take part you just have to follow the link below, and sign up with your partner before the 31st October.

Don’t forget that all the money raised will go to the 10 Cambridge RAG ballot CHARITIES, so not only is this event fun and full of wonderful prizes but also is all in the name of a fantastic cause. This year our beneficiaries include Student Minds, War Child and Teenage Cancer Trust.

RAG and The Tab will be teaming up and live-blogging how the teams are getting on, so make sure to check back on the day.

Go get lost somewhere in the English wilderness. Find yourself and – hopefully – your way back to Cambridge. And all the while you raise money for some incredible causes.