Follow all the teams’ antics here, as they race to beat Oxf*rd in this year’s RAG LOST

Today is your last chance to sign up for RAG LOST

Escape the bubble without spending a penny of your own money, all whilst getting a hit of altruism


Keep up with all the action as stranded Cantabs compete against The Other Place to make it back first.

The great library cash cow: Over £100,000 in a year racked up by Cambridge’s biggest libraries

Students are terrified of the draconian penalties for late and lost books.

RAG LOST 2015: Live blog

Keep up to date with all the action as your fellow students are stranded far and wide across the country. Will all of them make it back by the 24-hour deadline?

LOST 2014: Liveblog

We’re liveblogging LOST for the next 24 hours. Check back here for a continuous stream of pithy updates

Get Lost

Want to win prizes, get lost in England and raise money for charity? MICHAEL ZACHARIAS will tell you how


We’re live blogging LOST for the next 24 hours! Check back here for live updates!

The Eight Things You Need To Succeed On LOST!

Sign ups for RAG LOST close in two days – here are the eight things you can’t do without.

TabTV gets Lost

TabTV gets Lost with RAG

Pissing On The Promethean Bonfire

In the lead up to one of the big releases of the summer, JIM ROSS pisses on the Promethean bonfire

Simon Norman

SIMON NORMAN is a bit lost, but it’s OK – being lost can sometimes mean finding yourself/a patisserie/ at least a Starbucks coffee.

Gilmour Gutted As Appeal Rejected

Infamous Cantab Charlie Gilmour must serve the rest of his prison sentence after a judge ruled against his appeal yesterday.