Cambridge grad invents app for cuddling strangers

Forget Tinder, now it’s all about Cuddlr.

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Recent MPhil grad Charlie Williams has invented a heart-warmingly cute app to meet strangers for cuddles.

Over 130,000 cuddlers have embraced the app since its launch last week.

He told The Tab he’s loving the popularity, though: “I basically expected we’d get 10 downloads.

Instead it went absolutely viral and I’ve been a bit slammed for the past nine days.”

Awww it’s like the phone is their baby

Charlie admitted, “graduate study can be a bit lonely, so perhaps it planted a seed about the importance of cuddling.”

He had some sage advice for us awkward students too: “It can be a good icebreaker. If you’re talking to someone you’d like to cuddle, mentioning the app can be a good way to bring up cuddling indirectly.

From there you’ll have a sense of whether they might want to cuddle with you as well.”

Thanks, Charlie… You can download Cuddlr on the App Store.