Broken Brittan? Sex Abuse Scandal Hits Cambridge

Labour Club slams CUCA over their sex-scandal embroiled Vice President.

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The national sexual abuse scandal has hit Cambridge with a vengeance.

The Labour Club (CULC) is launching a stinging attack on the Tory Association (CUCA)’s decision to stand by Lord Brittan, their Vice-President, accused of rape and embroiled in allegations of covering up child abuse.

CULC Chairman, Fred Coterill, slammed CUCA saying, “out of respect for the victims we would cut ties until it’s clear exactly what Brittan’s role was in the coverup of child abuse in the 1980’s, and his ongoing involvement in a rape allegation.

“I hope CUCA take the welfare of these people seriously.”

Lord Brittan was allegedly at the centre of a Westminster child sexual abuse cover-up and was last month questioned by police over rape allegations dating back to 1967.

Probably a lovely guy

Labour’s student treasurer and Campaign Co-ordinator for the council elections, Micha Eversley, was quick to weigh in on party politics: “Any other organisation would suspend Lord Brittan before making a final decision when found guilty or not. CUCA, meanwhile, continue to show indifference towards the women and children who may have suffered as a result of his actions.

“This sends a message to the student body that allegations of sexual violence will not be taken seriously.”

CUCA last night released a statement dismissing criticism: “If he is found guilty in a court of law, we will pursue a course of action to remove him as an honorary officer, but we will reserve judgement until a verdict is passed by a jury.”

“Whilst we respect the plight of all victims of sexual abuse, we do not feel it appropriate to strip Lord Brittan of his position at this time.”

Second-year lawyer Emma Roberts told The Tab she was “very pro the innocent before proven guilty thing. There was that Oxford Union dude, wasn’t there?

“It’s important that these cases are decided in courts and not the media. It’s currently too easy to succumb to media pressure and courts will lose all effectiveness if they do. It’s essential for upholding the fundamental principle of legality.”

There was that Oxford Union dude

CUSU Women’s Officer Amelia Horgan commented: “I am disappointed and confused to hear that CUCA have not yet suspended Lord Brittan as their honorary officer and vice president, especially considering the seriousness of the allegations against him and the revelations about the extent of sexual violence within our university after the Cambridge Speaks Out Report.

“Given the nature of the allegations I ask CUCA to, in solidarity with people who have experienced sexual violence, end their dealings with Lord Brittan, at least while the investigation remains ongoing.”

Anna Jones, another second-year lawyer, said, “It’s dangerous for a group of student ‘politicians’ to be judge and jury in a case like this. The man is innocent until proven guilty.

“That said, there’s definitely something deeply unsavoury at the heart of the 1980’s political establishment, and Brittan certainly has questions to answer on that at least.”

The Government has promised an inquiry into an alleged Westminster paedophile network to seek answers for victims.

In the meantime, vitriolic party politics between CUCA and CULC will likely continue as they ignore the gravity of the allegations and the need to protect the non-convicted.