Holly Lunt – My special group

In her penultimate column, HOLLY LUNT reveals a bit about her special group, and leaves us with a riddle…

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Hello to everyone reading my penultimate column!

This week I’d like to talk about the people that surround us and make our lives worth living. True companionship and immersion into a society is a vital part of Cambridge life.

I was recently talking to my friend Aaron. He was telling me how it’s not just his close friends that give him the support and friendship he needs, but his parents too. They’re always there to take him to the latest must-watch Basketball game or play a game of charades or guess the egg. He said they really make getting up in the morning that bit more exciting even though he has no feet, for now.

An egg triptych

I don’t really like Aaron. He sends me cards every now and then but I don’t open them. They’re on the mantelpiece which freaks him out when he comes round, but I think he understands. He has a dog called Sheppie who always chews on the cupboard under the stairs but apparently his dad’s too scared to shoot it in case he misses and it runs into the attic.

But where Aaron has his friends and his parents, I have my special group. My special group has for a long time given me the support and care I need to get by in the intense world that is Cambridge! It’s fun to have a group of individuals I’m so close to, especially as we’ve all got our eyes on the same thing!

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most with my special group is the meetings! Castle mound is beautiful at night and it feels great to have a long bath after such an intense session. I remember when I was picking which group to join at the start of the year: Benja just looked like such a fun thing to be part of.

Now, for most of us exams are ending soon!  And my special day is coming up in just under a week. It’s certainly been fun learning so much throughout the year only to use it all on that special day. It makes you wonder whether it’s all been worth it, but then I never really had any other option! Failure certainly wasn’t an option. Even with the whole Aaron thing going on in the background like a dirty wallpaper in the corner.

Disgusting, in more ways than one

I really hope things go well on the special day next week. It’s been an absolute blast with the group. I’ll never forget their faces.

With my series of columns coming to an end next week I’d like to thank everyone who’s been involved. And that includes you, the viewer. This week I’d like to leave you all with another little poem. It’s sort of a riddle actually, so leave your answers in the comments if you can guess the answer!

I have six arms but no face

I can fly but have no wings

I am alive but was never born

I talk but never speak

I pre-date the dinosaurs but never get old

I smell of rotting onions and am over a thousand feet tall

I crush the non-believers while assimilating the believers into my torso

I have massive hands

What am I?

Holly x