Sexual Assault in Cambridge: A chance for students to speak out

CUSU Women’s campaign are running a survey about sexual harassment and assault.

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CUSU Women’s Campaign has launched a survey with Cambridge Speaks Out to gather information on students’ experiences of sexual harassment and sexual violence in Cambridge.

The campaign intend to present the survey’s findings to the University, but they need as many responses as possible.

The campaign which recently ran ‘Reclaim the Night’

According to the group’s Facebook page, your answers will be of great value, “Regardless of whether or not you have experienced any kind of sexual violence or harassment.

“The evidence from this survey will be used to campaign for better policies and support for students who have experienced sexual harassment and violence in the University and improve the safety of students.”

Last term we published an article in which a student talked about her experience of harassment on a night out in Cambridge.

The survey only takes a few minutes to fill out: