cusu women’s campaign

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Womcam votes to introduce class officer

The consensus was reached to ‘formalise class representation as a position on the Womcam committee’.

Red-faced Wyverns explain themselves over sexism scandal

Apparently it’s just optional, harmless fun

Dear Cambridge: An open letter from Cambridge for Consent

Problems with consent will be with us for a long time. Let’s do what we can to challenge them.

What is the point of CUSU?


Week 5 Blues: A reading week isn’t the answer

Finding the time to be ill

People who piss me off, part 1: white Cambridge feminists and guys who lie about their race on Grindr

New writer ETIENNE LAURENT speaks out

Germaine Greer is a massive hater

She is a bizarre human being

Why I’ll be watching Germaine Greer at the Union

Despite the fact she’s transphobic, we should still listen to what she has to say

The Lady Smoker: An impressive and exciting night

A brilliant showcase of varied, unusual humour

A reading week would ruin Cambridge

CUSU Women’s campaign and CDE have bred and spawned a new hashtag monster, #endweek5blues.

Wyverns in Oxford Rape Row

Magdalene’s infamous drinking society, the Wyverns, are under police investigation for allegedly chanting about rape in Oxford city centre.

Pubic speaking for women announced at Union

Blundering typo on an email from the Union sent out to all its members.

Full Union Line-Up Revealed!

The Cambridge Union’s Easter 2014 termcard features politicians, celebrities and two ex Doctor Who actors.

Sexual Assault in Cambridge: A chance for students to speak out

CUSU Women’s campaign are running a survey about sexual harassment and assault.

Sexism in the Workplace for Murray Edwards Alumnae

It’s lnternational Women’s Day today, but Murray Edwards alumnae are still finding their careers held back by sexism.

CUSU Promote “Party with Porn Stars”

Cambridge University Student Union inadvertently help publicise a trip to “the porn capital of Europe”

Why We Bared Our Bums

Following criticism from certain quarters that our best bum awards are “sexist” and “irresponsible”, three of the participants issue their rear-sponse.

CUSU Gets Serious On Living Wage

On Monday the CUSU council voted to create a permanent Living Wage Officer. JOE WHITWELL reports.

Jelly Wrestles Back: Counter-Protest Reaches 1000 Signatures

Jelly is set to be flavour of the month as the counter-petition calling for jelly wrestling to be reinstated hits the big 1000.

Women in Sport: Strip Off Or Jog On?

MACKS BOUGEARD is fed up of those bemoaning the objectification of sportswomen, whilst KATIE ZINSER insists that we must not sexualise female sport.