The Tab Meets: The Next Miss Cambridgeshire?

Who Knew? Will Murray Edwards be home to the next MISS CAMBRIDGESHIRE?

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Carina Tyrrell is a medical student from Murray Edwards College, in her fifth year, studying Medicine.

Whilst the Cambridge Light Blues make their final preparations for the Boat Race and Varsity Football this Sunday 6th April, Carina has a competition of her very own to psyche herself up for.

Carina is running for Miss Cambridgeshire.

Murray Edwards Medic-cum-future Miss Cambridgeshire?

Murray Edwards Medic-cum-future Miss Cambridgeshire? (Credit: Ryan Jarvis)

At the event on Sunday, there will be four titles to compete for: Miss Cambridgeshire, Miss Social Media and then the girl who raises the most money and the girl who has the most public votes. Miss Cambridgeshire ultimately goes into the finals for Miss England.

The Tab talks to the beauty contestant ahead of the showdown.

What is involved in the competition – which round have you made it to?

I have been accepted into the final for Miss Cambridgeshire. If I win, then I receive the title ‘Miss Cambridgeshire’ and I am a finalist for Miss England. If I were to win Miss England, then I would go into Miss World. For the Miss Cambridgeshire round, I will be one of thirteen contestants.

How do they judge it? What are the criteria?

It is judged on several facets. The judges have your written application, your performance on the day, and the votes you have received, along with the money you have raised, to make a decision. On the day there are 3 events that you are judged on, including the interview – these are: sports wear, eco outfit (made from recycled materials or second hand items), and lastly eveningwear.

What made you want to do it, did you decide to enter yourself?

I decided to enter along with prompts from family and friends. I have long been interested in fashion, modelling and beauty and I believe in the good that a Miss can do for those in need. I had always thought about competing for a Miss title. This is the last year I am able to enter the competition due to the age restriction, so I am putting my efforts into it!

When I hear Miss X, I envisage something loosely based on Little Miss Sunshine. Put me straight.

This links into my manifesto. I believe that the title of “Miss” not only represents beauty, but also someone who is kind and charitable. My desire to help those in need is very strong and this is reflected in my training to become a Doctor. Studying medicine at Cambridge University means I am very academic and I would like to be able to bring this with me to the beauty industry. If I were fortunate enough to be honoured with the title of “Miss Cambridgeshire”, I would look forward to helping those in need in a new way, as well as representing the beauty of Cambridge.

"It's about more than just beauty"

6 “It’s about more than just beauty” (Credit: Ryan Jarvis)

How do you find juggling these pressures with those of saving people’s lives?

I am quite an active person and like being involved in many things. I like to have things aside from medicine to keep a balance. Being a Miss is not only about beauty – a Miss needs to also be charitable and kind. I hope that if I become Miss Cambridgeshire, I would be able to pursue helping those in need in a different way, along side helping those I meet in hospital and the community as a student doctor.

How do the skills from your medical studies equip you for a beauty contest?

As a Student Doctor, you meet new people every day and you are constantly in the public eye. Being comfortable in this setting I believe helps in a beauty contest where you are in a different public’s eye! We also receive training on communication skills and professionalism – I believe these qualities also help in the modelling world.

Despite having to demonstrate varied extracurriculars, do you think Miss X competitions value women solely for their physical attributes? Are these other elements merely just a guise?

Miss has to be a well-rounded person. She must have both inner and outer beauty. The judges assess these by interviewing the contestants as well as seeing their outer beauty.  Wanting to help others by, for example, raising money for “Beauty with a Purpose”, is also an important part of being a Miss. I hope that my participation and background will also help to show that it is not all about “physical attributes”.

Her 'evening wear' look

Carina’s ‘evening wear’ look (Credit: Ryan Jarvis)

You mention your desire to ‘represent the beauty of Cambridge’ – do you think this is something that needs to be represented? Surely it can speak for itself?

It certainly can speak for itself and I believe that someone who loves Cambridge, who has both inner and outer beauty, can only add to this. I would be honoured to be able to represent such a beautiful place.

Why do you think using beauty is a good vehicle for helping out with charitable projects?

Beauty is naturally in the public eye. Charity depends on the support of the public. Beauty is thus well placed to aid charitable projects. “Beauty with a Purpose” has done a lot of good around the world.

Tab readers would like to know: do you have a boyfriend?

Haha, yes I do!

If you have been convinced by Carina, and want to help her campaign, there are two ways to vote:

–       Like the Miss England Beauty Pageant Facebook Page to then allow you to like this photo of Carina

–       OR text ‘MISS CAMBS04’ to 64343