The Tab gets Royal approval

Future King of England reads Tab article, is amused.

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The Tab is given Royal approval as Prince William chuckles at our cheeky April Fool’s.

Buckingham Palace has said that Prince William has seen the funny side of the prank, showing a first (not third) class sense of humour at our micky-take.

A spokeswoman for the Palace said: “It was an April Fool and it was taken in the spirit in which it was intended.”

“Haha, Katster dear, come and look at this hilarious article”

The palace confirmed he has now completed the course but would not reveal when he finished. As it was tailor-made for him no honours were awarded.

The Tab were delighted to receive the royal seal of approval.

The erroneous document in question

Not all were so pleased however.

Charlotte Ivers, first year philosopher at Pembroke, said: “I’m just heartbroken. If he reads The Tab then he saw my offer of a drink and clearly hasn’t taken me up on it.”

“I’ve never heard of Prince William,” added Tab debate editor, Charlie Bell.