prince william

Tab Justifies: Being a Land Economist

Revealed, yah

The Tab gets Royal approval

Future King of England reads Tab article, is amused.

Willy Fails to Perform

BREAKING – After ten weeks of sweat, toil and tears, Prince William has achieved a meagre third-class result at Cambridge.

I, Too, Am Cambridge – What Next…

Over the last couple of weeks, the ‘I, Too, Am…’ campaign has catapulted to Buzzfeed and Facebook fame. But is it really all it’s cut out to be?

The Hanging Christian – Episode 7

Freya puts her life on the line as she goes undercover back into the cult. Will she be found out?

#WheresWilly? Here he is!

Our very own Prince Farming has arrived. ALEX DAVIS reports.

Willi Really? Prince William To Become a Cambridge Student

The Duke of Cambridge is set to become a full time student of Cambridge University in time for the start of Lent Term.

Wills and Kate in Cambridge

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge…in CAMBRIDGE!

The Lola Lo Down – Royalty

Chloe Harris gets the Lola Lo Down on the Royals.

Duke and Duchess IN Cambridge

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are coming to… Cambridge, for their first visit as a married couple.

Best Comments: Week Six

Curry based puns rule the pick of this week’s best comments.

Royally Irrelevant

Naming Prince William as the most influential man in the world is a travesty to modern society – what do the Royal Family actually do?

Roll Out The Punting

Cambridge’s newest punt will be named after its Duke and Duchess to commemorate their marriage last week.

How important are the royal family?

AIDAN MURRAY CROOK shares his experiences of London on the day of the royal wedding, and explains why we do still need a monarchy.

William & Kate: Let Love Rule

TABATHA LEGGETT wants you to treat this shocker like royalty.

Introducing The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Wills and Kate have become the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, following their wedding today.

Young, Hot, and Royal

So, Wills has been snapped up. But, fear not. TABATHA LEGGETT has found plenty of young, hot royals who are still up for grabs. You’re welcome.

Royal Holiday? Don’t Bank On It

Uni Offices will be closed for the royal wedding, but students will still be expected to go to lectures and exams, despite an official Bank Holiday.

Duke Has Had His Phil Of Cambridge

University Chancellor Prince Philip is to leave his post after he turns 90 on June 10 this year.

Tom Davenport

Little is known about Kate Middleton’s new fiancée, but TOM DAVENPORT brings you all the facts he can muster about the engagement of the A-list socialite.