Street Style: The Great Unknown

LEAF ARBUTHNOT discovers how the stylish are dealing with Cambridge’s cray weather.

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One of the exhilarations of British weather, my father used to tell me, is its unpredictability. As winters go, this one has been outrageously erratic – especially in Cambridge, where we’ve endured hail the size of eyeballs, grimy monsoons and bouts of disarming sunshine, sometimes all within the space of an hour. Yet I seem to be the only one digging the weather – it’s like being in love with a madman, who might snog you or steal your dog at any given moment.

Still, all this unpredictability raises difficult questions when deciding what to wear. Does one risk being soaked through, for the febrile joys of donning a mac? Should one wear one’s trousers rolled, whilst possibly eating a peach? Here are some of the ways that Cambridge’s stylish have navigated the great unknown.


What a coy smile

Dark n colourful

Textured and beautiful

Chunky shoes and knit

Stripe me up

Optical illusion