That’s Not Reich! Nazi bar art angers students

HARRY SHUKMAN investigates a bar in Cambridge which is decorated with pictures of Nazis, the KKK and 9/11

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A Cambridge Bar has been blasted for displaying photos of the KKK, 9/11, Hitler and The Holocaust.

196 bar on the Mill Road has a strange picture display in its bathroom. On the wall are snaps of timeless sixties icons like the Rolling Stones, Marilyn Monroe, and Bob Dylan.

But between these photos are images of Nazi atrocities, death camp survivors, and Hitler greeting a child.

As if that wasn’t enough the KKK make an appearance burning crucifixes alongside the 9/11 attacks, segregation in pre-Civil Rights era America.

196’s bathroom display: Hitler in the bottom left, next to 9/11…and Ernest Hemingway

Students have expressed outraged at the bar’s picture display. Presidents of the Cambridge Uni Jewish Society Hilary Davidson and Daniel Edward said, ‘we are shocked that the bar has decided to decorate their facilities in such an insensitive manner.

Human tragedies such as the Holocaust, where millions of innocent victims were murdered, and acts of great hatred like 9/11 and the KKK should not be trivialised and ought to be remembered in a more sensitive way.’

Segregation, the Holocaust…and a girl’s bare arse?

American student Danielle Meredith, a 1st year geography student at King’s agreed, saying ‘I think it’s weird that the bar compares 9/11 to popular icons of the past – it’s a symbol of the 21st century but it glorifies extremism.

‘It looks like they’re equating this horrible event to these famous people.’

Gwyneth Jones, a 4th year MML student at Pembroke added, ‘I’m not sure if it’s making a statement about the importance of pop culture in modern history or just trivialising atrocities. It looks a bit confused.’

What could these two pictures have in common?

The Tab contacted 196’s owner Darren, who told us that he keeps a low profile for him and his bar, which is marketed exclusively by word of mouth.

He refused to say anything about the pictures other than ‘they’re a collection of photographs from life and history,’ adding that he didn’t want to get too involved in publicity.

Is 196’s picture display make any sense to you or is it just below the bar? Let us know in the comments below.