Anti-feminism – ‘The Red Pill’ makes me feel sick

No platforming won’t work with groups like this…

I Consent

Men should be queuing up for consent workshops says ZACK HASSAN.

That’s Not Reich! Nazi bar art angers students

HARRY SHUKMAN investigates a bar in Cambridge which is decorated with pictures of Nazis, the KKK and 9/11

The Fight Against Fascism

TOMMY SHANE explains why he we need to stop vilifying the people that protested against Le Pen.

PidgeSecret: Episode Three

PidgeSecret returns in full force for the last week of term. Hopes, fears and toilets – all tastes are served.

The Debt

JONATHAN SENIOR reviews Nazi-hunting kick-ass Mossad movie starring Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington.

Ava Adore

EMMA ROBERTS loves theatre, hates fascism (and bad plays about fascism).