The May Ball Crashers

A group of individuals known only as ‘The C Team’ illegally infiltrated several Balls this May Week.

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This year’s Cambridge May Balls were infiltrated by a gang of non-student gatecrashers from Oxfordshire called The C Team.

The C Team in action this week (Note: faces have been intentionally blurred)

The anonymous group of seven males have gatecrashed upwards of 20 balls since 2011, including Magdalene and Pembroke balls as recently as last Wednesday.

The group also portend to have conquered numerous garden parties.

Speaking exclusively to The TabThe C Team claimed to have crashed a Ball on every night of this May Week, including Hughes Hall, Emma, Jesus, John’s, Magdalene and Pembroke.

Last year, they say they crashed even more.

They even sent us a photo of their programmes from the week…

One of the members told The Tab: “It’s been a savage week, we started on Saturday, ball every night. I’m back home now for the Oxford balls. Looking forward to a night off!

Evidently, Oxford better watch out next week.

The ‘team’ are a band of lads in their early twenties, two of whom live in north-west Oxfordshire.

None of the team are students at Oxford or Cambridge. One of them is a carpenter, whilst another works as a tennis coach.

There is evidence to suggest that they started out crashing balls at Oxford back in 2011, before extending their reach to Cambridge balls in the May Week of 2012.

The C Team notoriously post about their antics on Facebook, as shown below:

The C Team boasting on Facebook

They have not just been targeting Oxbridge, either. Evidence suggests that they also pursue other venues, including infiltrating a function at Blenheim Palace.

What’s your view, readers? Are you angry, jealous or simply impressed by the ‘boysss” antics? Let us know in the comments below.