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The May Ball Crashers

A group of individuals known only as ‘The C Team’ illegally infiltrated several Balls this May Week.

Star Power

SOPHIA VAHDATI thinks that celebrities should stay away from ‘great responsibility’.

We Need To Talk About Drugs

Why drug-hysteria only makes things worse.

Trinity May Ball

SASKIA GOLDMAN is surprised at Trinity’s combination of cheeky fun and sensory opulence.

Fear Of The Rear Of The Year?

Was Rear Of The Year sexist? RUTH GRAHAM and JOE BATES discuss.

The Flap Over Free Schools

Free schools encourage a better quality of teaching, which is exactly what we need.

Review: La Bete

MAUD DROMGOOLE goes against the critical consensus and adores Mark Rylance’s versified flatulence.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

CHLOE MASHITER on fashionable, fad diets.

Is Pop Porn?

MAX DURSTON asks whether Lady Gaga’s pop videos are hypersexualised, or just a bit weird.

Tab Interview: Alain de Botton

RICHARD COOK meets celebrated writer and philosopher, Alain de Botton.

Cambridge versus Bridgeford

‘Recreational drugs, recreational sex, and random murder’: The Tab’s guide to ITV2’s Trinity.