5% Rise in Cambridge Undergrad State School Intake

Statistics suggest more diverse undergraduate population at Cambridge.

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The intake of state school students to Cambridge increased by 5% for October 2012 and 2013 deferred entry.

The proportion of successful applicants from ethnic minorities has also risen to 16%.

The rise in tuition fees to £9,000 seems not to have deterred too many applicants.

97.4% of successful Cambridge applicants this cycle attained A*AA or better A-levels.

Generally there was a 2% rise in the total number of applicants to the university to 15,701, and a 5% rise in the total number of acceptances.

Nonetheless, 36.7% of Cambridge’s undergraduate intake was privately educated – the Pitt Club will continue to enjoy a large pool of applicants to select from!

Currently, the ratio of state school to private school students at the university is 2:1.

Plummy stereotypes? At least we beat The Other Place!

The university has financed a £2.7m outreach initiative across the UK, designed to enable it to engage with under-represented groups.