How to: Get into Cambridge!!

The dos and don’ts of the personal statement

It is statistically harder to get on Love Island than into Cambridge

80,000 people applied to Love Island this year

5% Rise in Cambridge Undergrad State School Intake

Statistics suggest more diverse undergraduate population at Cambridge.

Catz Application Cock Up

St Catz sent out 400 emails to applicants congratulating them on winning places after they were REJECTED weeks earlier.

Lineker Sees Red Over Cambridge Exam System

Gary Lineker has gone on the offensive against a new Cambridge A-level after his son failed to score the grades he needed.

BA Hon…estly?

Is a degree in ‘Surf Science’ is really worth it.

Clubbing in Cambridge

Defending ‘Cambridge nightlife’ from criticism that it’s an oxymoron, here’s The Tab’s guide to Clubbing in Cam.