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Jesus becomes first Oxbridge college to elect a black master

OBE Sonita Alleyne will begin her role this October

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The website tackling Cambridge’s access problem

We sat down with the men behind InsideUni, the new student-led access initiative

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The Tab talks to: Ibz Mo

Cambridge’s hottest YouTuber

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Access? Denied

Studies show that Cambridge’s all inclusive approach may not be up to scratch

Why are we still acting surprised at the number of Londoners at Oxbridge?

It’s clear that pupils from London and the southeast still dominate

Does the state vs private school divide still matter at Cambridge?

Perhaps less so than you might think

Record number of state school students admitted to Cambridge

63% of incoming freshers were educated in the state sector

Union announces price drop in membership

A lifetime membership will now cost £150, down from £199 previously

Come on Cambridge, stop lying about access

The figures show things are getting worse

Access target agreed and fee rise on the horizon

The tiff has been resolved and has set Cambridge on the way to possible increased fees

Office for Fair Access FOILS University attempt to lower access target

Attempts to lower targets by 0.5% have been met with anger and refusal

We can only change NUS from the inside

The best way to change the National Union of Students is to keep our seat at the table and work for the reforms Jewish students deserve.

Cambridge says NO to lower offers for disadvantaged students

Access targets have also been cut.

The real diversity problem: Proportion of poorest Cambridge students drops over last decade

Ten years ago students from poorer backgrounds made up one in eight of Oxbridge entrants

Robinson is taking the hit for the whole university and I am not OK with that

Robinson college was the only Cambridge college criticised in last Thursday’s government report which highlighted the significant discrepancy that still exists between students from private schools and state schools.

Government report: Parts of Oxbridge “falling far behind” in state school admissions

Colleges praised and shamed in annual social mobility report

The definitive ranking of Cambridge student stereotypes

From wardrobes full of chinos to a passion for fox hunting, there are hundreds of myths surrounding the students of Cambridge Uni.

You are an arrogant brat, but it’s not our fault

Joe Goodman’s wrong to blame Cambridge for making him that way

Whose sex life is it anyway?

I’m bed serious.

Stuck-Up Southerners

WILL DALRYMPLE doesn’t understand why people don’t like the North