See A Penny, Pick It Up

A CamFM presenter is leaving 1000 ‘lucky pennies’ around Cambridge this term…and they’re all for you.

Cam FM Daniel Edward drinking society pennying silvering The Big Issue

CamFM late breakfast presenter Daniel Edward is dropping a thousand ‘lucky pennies’ around Cambridge this exam term. 

After chancing upon a £10 note in the street recently, the second year Corpuscle has decided to share his good luck with as many fellow Cantabs as possible.


The Psychology student plans to leave lucky pennies across the city and university throughout exam term.

Explaining his idea, Edward commented:

“Even some of the brainiest of clever-clogs here can do with a little bit of extra luck when it comes to exams!

“I felt pretty pleased with myself when I stumbled across an ownerless £10 note in the street and, unable to find a charity pot, I thought sharing the luck with other exam-stricken students was the next best thing.”

Speaking to The Tab, a drinking society president remarked: “This is a great idea! I’ve always been a big fan of pennying. It’s just a pity that Edward isn’t an engineer. Engineer’s pennies are always better.”

The reaction from a Big Issue seller was much less positive. “The weather this week has generally been awful so sales have been terrible for me. £10 would buy you four copies of the Big Issue, y’know?”