Students Strip down for Charity Calendar

LOUIS ROSS tells how YOU can get involved in the Charity Calendar that’ll be turning many a head this summer. Don’t miss out!

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Credit: Helena Xia and Vanessa Rio

Gentlemen, you have not entered a Narnia-themed all-male dating site. Ladies, that is correct, you are gazing into heaven…

These angelic beings are, in fact, the Downing Patricians, posing in the snow for the Valentine’s February spread in the Cambridge University Naked Charity Calendar!

Drinking societies all over Cambridge are poised to reveal all for charity, finally putting to use years of “good pants, bad pants” and answering the age old question “nipple, or neck it?” with aplomb.

University teams will also trade in sports kits for birthday suits as they take a break from training to give us a cheeky glimpse of their Adonis figures, all in aid of Cancer Research UK and several local Cambridge charities.

While the Patricians have led the way, the calendar will also feature the Wyverns, Vixens, Lions, Orchids, Cherubs, Marguerites and the ladies university athletics and swimming teams.

But you can still get involved! Here’s how:

• So far we have 12 male societies signed up, but only 4 ladies societies…

• If 2 more ladies societies sign up, we can make a calendar of 6 months with each sex.

• If 8 more sign up, then we can make 2 calendars that won’t make you dread every other month!

I’ve laid bare all our plans and hopefully the message is clear: we need your help.

Closet exhibitionists, wannabe nudists and advocates of toplessness: get involved and get naked in what is a unique project for a fantastic cause.

Whether you want to put your drinking society on the map, show your ex-boyfriend what he’s been missing, or just wanna get nekkid, get in touch NOW!


You can contact Louis Ross via email.

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