Oarful Oxford Lands BBC In Deep Water

The BBC are under investigation by Ofcom after Oxford’s cox swore during the Boat Race.

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Ofcom has launched an investigation into the BBC’s coverage of the 2013 Boat Race, after Oxford’s Cox, Oskar Zorrilla, used expletives live on air.

Despite explicit directions from the BBC production team not to swear, Zorrilla was heard saying ‘fuck’ at least five times during the race. As a result of this, Ofcom received numerous complaints about the coverage.

Oskar is fucking cold

Whilst the BBC immediately apologised for the offensive language, they failed to turn off the maverick cox’s microphone. Consequently, the BBC may be in trouble with the TV regulator for breaching broadcasting regulations.

Roughly 6.6 million viewers watched the 2013 Boat Race, perhaps putting the 200 complaints into context. Oxford defeated Cambridge by a length-and-a-half, reducing Cambridge’s overall lead to 81-77.

The BBC has issued a formal apology, stressing that their commentators had immediately apologized for the audible swearing.

Cambridge’s crew were horrified at the bad language

The Tab’s Boat Race live blog covered all the action of the day, including Oskar’s indiscretion.

News of the investigation follows in the wake of an American news anchor who was fired on the first day of his job for saying “Fucking Shit” live on air.

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