What’s On at the Theatre

JAMES MACNAMARA and FRANCESCA HILL bid you adieu with their final theatre round-up of Lent term.

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Farewell, loyal readers. The time has come for us to part. And so here it is: our final guide to goings-on in theatreland. Week 8. The eighth week. No lectures? No lectures! So lots of time to go to the theatre. If this guy managed it, you can too. 


ADC, 13th – 23rd March, 7.45pm, Mon-Wed & mats £10/£8, Thu-Sat £12/£10

Some think a Tim Rice / Elton John combo musical cannot be passed up; for others, it’s a terrifying prospect. This all sounds rather fun though; heartfelt rather than cringeworthy, this production certainly has everybody talking.

Post Mortem

Corpus Playroom, 9.30pm, Tue 12th – Sat 16th March, £6/£5

A fresh play, written, acted and directed by freshers. Our reviewer thinks its disjointed style chimes with the protagonist’s sense of disorientated ennui when she enters the real world after graduating. Francesca and JMac would probably find it too depressing, but it looks like these guys are ones to watch.



ADC, 11pm, Thur 14th – Sat 16th March, £6/£5

Once upon a time, JMac suggested that this pair of writers and actors should write an accomplished new comedy. And lo, they went ahead and won the Footlights Harry Porter Prize. How cool is that? With a talented cast and some excellent comic pedigree behind this production, it’s likely to be a good way to round off the term.



Pembroke New Cellars, 7pm, Thur 14th – Sat 16th March, £6/£5

Blackbird is one of those plays. Serious stuff. Modern, dark, dangerous, difficult. Highly critically acclaimed, but controversial. If these guys get it right, it could be amazing. The last thing JMac saw Charlie Merriman in, he got it SO right. So, on balance, probably worth the risk.


Corpus Playroom, 7pm, 12th – 16th March, £6/5

Another fairly depressing Corpus play about mental illness. Not content to tackle just one taboo, this thought-provoking production looks at psychiatric treatment but also how we talk and think about race.