Corpus Playroom

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Witches review

A veritable delight

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The Tab reviews ‘I’m Having a Wonderful Time in BADEN-BADEN’

A mesmerising and brave production

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REVIEW: Pomona

A darkly visceral, comedic drama that blurs the line between reality and fiction


A play is not a supervision essay

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Review: Much Improv About Nothing

Shall I kill Thee, my good lord?

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REVIEW: Fences

Another leap in the right direction

Review: Rights of Passage

A harrowing performance with a sprinkle of hope, based on true stories.

REVIEW: Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down

Intimate and at times harrowing, this complex play is carried off with warmth and grace

Review: My Eyes Went Dark

A frankly stunning performance

REVIEW: Hot Gay Time Machine

Synonym-searchingly wonderful/magnificent/superb

REVIEW: Pearly Gates

It’s time to be judged…


Feminism is for life, not just for Christmas

REVIEW: Spiders

If you see only one show at Cambridge – see this

Review: Why is John Lennon wearing a skirt?

An open manual about what ’gender’ and ’social construction’

REVIEW: Chameleon

Shows like this are why Cambridge theatre is so great

The cast of The Man Presents: Women

REVIEW: The Man Presents: Women

An acerbic feminist comedy

REVIEW: The Government Inspector

A play of mistaken identities

REVIEW: Immaculate

An immaculately conceived play

REVIEW: Professional

A night well spent locked in the staff room at the Corpus Playroom.

Review: Suddenly Last Summer

A burning hot late night treat at the Corpus Playroom.