What’s On At The Theatre

FRANCESCA HILL and JAMES MACNAMARA make a superficial attempt to link this week’s (fantastic) theatre to Valentine’s Day.

ADC Corpus Playroom Pembroke Smoker Theatre

Instead of gazing stupidly at that lovely person across the UL, why not ask them along to see a play? Intelligent Chekhov, whimsical comedy, stabby Jacobeans, female genitalia: there’s something for every Valentine couple. So practice those whispered, filthy nothings, grab a partner, and get involved.

Anton: Ivanov; Three Sisters

ADC, 7.45pm, 12th – 23rd February, Sat 16th/Sat 23rd 2.30pm, £10/8

So the ADC has decided to make it clear how ‘exciting’ and ‘versatile’ they are by putting on two Chekhov plays for two weeks of mainshows. ROFL. But it honestly looks like some of the very best theatre you’re likely to see all year. Go to at least one, if not both.



Becky Shaw

Corpus Playroom, 7pm 12th – 16th February, £6/5


Another depressing Corpus production about fractured families, complete with mandatory attempted suicide. The acting is great, but though it’s billed as a “dark comedy” it’s sadly just not that funny.


The Changeling

Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio (English Faculty), 7.30pm, 14th – 16th February, free

People in love stabbing lots of other people in love. Perfect for Valentine’s day. A fantastic piece of Jacobean Tragedy from the team behind last term’s well-reviewed Richard III. Free entry guys, and in an interesting space. Worth a look.

French Without Tears

Fitzpatrick Hall (Queen’s College), 7.30pm, 12th – 16th February, £6/5

‘Larger-than-life comedy’ from the author of yesterweek’s ‘The Deep Blue Sea’. This is likely to be intelligent and amusing, and the Fitzpatrick rivals the ADC in terms of space and facilities. If I had a lady friend, I might well take her there.

Pembroke Black Tie Smoker

Pembroke Old Library, 7.30pm, 16th February, £10

The ever eagerly-awaited Black Tie Smoker returns to Pembroke, complete with bubbly, some big names from the Cambridge stand-up scene, and a cash prize for the most popular comedian of the night. What’s not to love?

Sian and Zoe’s Bubblegum Party

Corpus Playroom, 9.30pm, 12th – 16th February, £5/6

Sian Docksey and Zoe Tomalin make “self-conscious whimsy” work for them in this eccentric sketch show. Not all of it’s funny, but parts of it are hilarious. (Unconvinced whimsy is a real noun? So was Francesca. She soon saw the error of her ways though – JMac.)


The Vagina Monologues

ADC, 11pm, 14th – 16th February, £6/5

This infamous episodic play detailing different female life experiences opens tonight. Some love it; some find it shocking; most fall somewhere between the two. Don’t be one of those people who finds feminism scary: go go go.