Oxford Union In Fascist Fuck-Up

“I’ll go anyway,” says Griffin after Oxford Union revoke invitation.

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The Oxford Union has revoked an invitation offering Nick Griffin the chance to speak.

Responding via Twitter, the British National Party (BNP) leader accused the Oxford Union of “disgraceful cowardice” and said that he would go anyway if he got back from Parliament.

“As a life member of the Cambridge Union I have reciprocal membership,” Griffin told followers.

He added that the Oxford Union, “having surrendered to leftist threats & rescinded my debate invitation, now ‘commends the work’ of left thugs.”

Griffin was originally invited to speak this Thursday, to debate the motion “This House would be glad to have gay parents”.

The “unofficial” invite

The Oxford Union has claimed that the invitation was sent by mistake, tweeting: “A new committee member arbitrarily invited Griffin. We deeply regret this & are taking disciplinary action. Invite was immediately rescinded.”

In a statement, the Union confirmed: “We have since rescinded the invitation in no uncertain terms, and are taking disciplinary action against the committee member in question. We stress that the invitation, though it may have looked official, was not signed off by the President, and was not made on behalf of the Oxford Union.

“Although the committee member did not at any point clear these invitations with the President or any other senior member of the Union committee, they wrote the letters in the President’s name and on behalf of the Union as a whole.

The statement, released by the supposedly politically neutral society, went on to affirm that: “The Oxford Union does not wish to be associated with the BNP in any way whatsoever. We strongly disagree with their views.”

The news comes at a bad time for the Oxford Union, which is currently facing pressure from protesters following its recent announcement that Julian Assange will be addressing the debating society.

John Lee, President in Michaelmas 2012, was also left with egg on his face last week, when it emerged that he had rigged the random ballot for Gangnam Style star PSY’s visit in order to guarantee entry for his friends.