Nick Griffin

Cantabrigians are stupid too

It’s not all Nobel prizes and political glory amongst our alumnae. ELOISE DAVIES wants you to choose the worst of the worst.

Dryathlon Diary Week 2: Live and Let Dry

SOPHIA VAHDATI hits back at the criticism for the Dryathlete.

Oxford Union In Fascist Fuck-Up

“I’ll go anyway,” says Griffin after Oxford Union revoke invitation.

Revealed: How We Hoaxed TCS

We’ve done over The Sun and the BNP, but ALASDAIR PAL’s TCS gem from February has never been revealed. Until now…

Guilty Crush

We asked readers to tell us who they’re secretly lusting after but daren’t admit in public…

Official: Griffin is Worst Tab

Nick Griffin voted worst Cantabrigian in landslide ‘victory.’ See all Griffin’s reaction and full results here.

Worst Cantabrigian – Vote Now

After Isaac Newton was crowned Best Cantabrigian by Varsity, The Tab wants you to decide: Who is the Worst Cantabrigian of all time?

Berk in Burka Row

Nick Griffin has slated Cambridge for allowing students to graduate in burkas

Jess Murray

I’d let Nick Griffin fart in my bedroom, at least once.