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TABTV: We asked Cambridge Students what they thought about Julian Assange

The results were depressing

Hugh’s University

Cambridge. A place of neo-gothic splendor, brogues, mature cheddar and oil paintings.

Send the No-Platformers a big, democratic middle finger

You may not like Julian Assange, but that does not mean he doesn’t deserve a platform

POLL: Should the Union host Julian Assange?

Do let us know

The Danny Chips Column

College second team skipper, Danny Chips, gives us the pre-season installment of his take on life in football Div 5.

Freedom to Preach

Every man is entitled to his opinion, whether or not we think they are abhorrent, insists student of Winter JAMES FLESHER.

Oxford Union In Fascist Fuck-Up

“I’ll go anyway,” says Griffin after Oxford Union revoke invitation.

Editorial: Assange Issue Highlights CUSU Questions

Julian Assange’s talk may have been cancelled, but it has raised questions about CUSU’s role as representative of the student body.

Old White Men

TOMMY SHANE thinks the recent controversy over Assange at The Union is masking some bigger problems.

CUSU seeks to block Assange (Secretly)

In an email leaked to The Tab the CUSU Women’s Officer has called on supporters to force the Union to disinvite Julian Assange.

Guess Who’s Back?

Julian Assange will be answering questions from Union members later this month.

In Defence of the Union

We should give The Union more credit than it gets.

Union Goes On Demand To Increase Demand

The Union has launched its own online video player, making past videos available for all to see, although initial reaction has been mixed.

Word on The Street: Julian Assange

TabTV was there to get the reactions of the guests straight out of the chamber.

Assured Assange Worth The Wait

Julian Assange’s speech at the Union today was greeted by the longest queues in living memory and a positive reaction from the 800-strong crowd.

Assange Avoids Leaks

Julian Assange insists on a media blackout on his talk today.

Charlie Chalks Up Visit

Prince Charles will visit the University on Monday, it was announced today.

Exclusive: Union Bags Wikileaks Founder Assange

Wikileaks founder and whistle-blowing activist Julian Assange will speak at the Union a week on Tuesday, with members also in with a chance to meet him afterwards.