Catz Drop the Ball

College cancels May Ball, the third year that Catz will go without.

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Catz May Ball has been cancelled for the third year running, leaving many students frustrated and disappointed.

The move was taken by the college’s Fellows at a meeting on 19th October, reportedly after a dispute with next-door Queens’ over deliveries for the two colleges’ Balls, which were scheduled to take place within two days of each other.

However, further antagonism between the college and its students may have contributed to the decision. Last term, the college banned JCR bops after the venue of one event was left defaced, and graffiti was found in one of the Catz accommodation blocks after last year’s June Event.

As a result of the decision, third year finalists will leave the college without having ever experienced their college’s own Ball.

A similar situation arose last year, when the Ball was replaced by a June event due to construction work on a new College Centre in Chapel Court, which is due to finish before Christmas.

Instead, students were under the impression that a full Ball would be held in its place in 2013, many opting to save their money for this year rather than attend last year’s event.

JCR President Amy Chichester is campaigning for a similar arrangement this year, supported by a petition signed by 351 students, arguing that the Ball was “an integral part of the Catz tradition”.

However, Chichester emphasised that there is currently no plan to hold any event at all.

David Leigh, a third-year PPS student at Catz, told The Tab: “naturally it is a massive disappointment that Catz aren’t hosting a May Ball this year but at least it gives the current third years an excuse to come back as alumni in 2014.

“As last year’s committee demonstrated, Catz knows how to throw a good party, and certainly punches above its weight given its relatively limited amount of space.”