Columnists Revealed

The Tab brings you our most exciting set of columnists EVER.

Throughout the summer, The Tab has been scouring Cambridge to find the biggest names, wittiest writers and deepest thinkers to fill our columns page.

When they turned out to be busy, or scared of our comments section, we had to settle for this bunch. Our four columnists will be giving you a weekly dose of their minds, so sit back, enjoy and let it happen.

Katie Zinser

Raised in the backstreets (a cul de sac) of a notorious suburb (Cobham, Surrey), a place filled with crime (Range Rovers doubled parked everywhere) and drugs (Calpol), Katie overcame the odds and made it through.  The only scar she carries today is her tendency for copious use of brackets.

As sixth form drew to a close, an unfortunate but crippling crush on William Prince of Orange then led her towards applying to do a History degree at Cambridge.  And thank god for that dashing dead Dutchman because it led her to this wonderful refuge for society’s nerds. Even if she does still have a burning desire to wrap all her stationary in cling film, it doesn’t matter because now the playing field is even.  She can down a glass of wine in less than 15 minutes and regularly puts books in her bibliography that she hasn’t completely read. Did someone say good girl gone bad?

You can read her first column HERE.

Rosie Hore

Rosie came to Cambridge to escape her home-town of Oxford, and so has an excuse to support the winning side in the boat race every year. She spends too much time on the Daily Mail website and knows more about Kate Middleton’s boobs than she does about the shadow cabinet.

Rosie gets down about the rain and the job prospects of a PPS graduate, but can usually be cheered up by a cup of tea and a food show.

You can read her first column HERE.

Toby Lane

Toby is a fresher at Caius, and as such a little new to all of this. He is very tall, very pale, and quite ginger and finds himself at Cambridge by sheer luck. He became a Tab columnist by the same method: when he was first asked whether he wanted to be a columnist, he misheard, and thought he was being asked whether he wanted to be an economist. He decided he quite liked economics, so agreed. So here he is. It’s a good thing that he also likes pouring his heart out in a self-deprecating manner. Be nice to him. He’s only a little fresher.

His first column will follow later this week.

Siana Bangura

Siana is a finalist at Peterhouse. Whilst currently working on her “indoor voice” she enjoys thinking up her next adventure and refuting all claims of being a hipster. She has an impressive list of bizarre antics ticked off her bucket list already, including being an infamous  small screen personality thanks to her stint on Channel 4’s “Living with the Amish” and declaring her love for Mo Farah’s Mobot to the man himself.

As a music enthusiast, Rihanna lover, struggling socialist, and fashionista without a mister, Siana’s eclectic taste in everything has taught her to be fearless – so fearless in fact, that she makes her return to The Tab as the fourth of our columnists and leaves herself at the mercy of the “Cambridge massif”.

Her first column will follow later this week.