Economist On Top Thanks To Million Pound Drop

A Cambridge student has conquered the Million Pound Drop.

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A second year economist from Girton scooped a whopping £25k on Channel 4’s popular prime time game show The Million Pound Drop on Friday

Shyam Modi and his brother Krishan clung on to their cash all the way until the eighth and final question.

They owe their triumph to Shyam’s knack for numbers, which won them their wad of notes and impressed Davina.

He correctly worked out that the number of Royal Mint coins in circulation is greater than the UN’s current estimate of the number of people alive on Earth.

However, the brothers’ quest got off to a rocky start. They lost a staggering £900k when, in response to their third question about UK Top 10 Singles, Shyam doubted that ‘Vogue’ was even a word, let alone a famous Madonna song.

The Girtonian kept his appearance on the show a secret and it was not until a photo of his face on live TV was posted on Facebook that a wave of excitement flooded his friends’ newsfeeds.

Shyam and his brother with Davina

His friends reckon he’ll be enjoying his new found fame, with his most recent Facebook status stating: “Thanks for all the messages and support. #lovinglife”.

Charlie Fletcher, a second year classicist at Girton and good friend of Shyam’s, told The Tab: “He is such a maverick”.

Another friend, Natalie Bird, a second year lawyer at Girton said: “I’m sure he’ll be thrilled with his hefty win, as will the managers of Cambridge’s fine night-time establishments. I’d like to remind him he owes me a cheesy quesadilla from the Van of Life.

“Drinks are most certainly on him at Girton this Freshers’ Week!”