May Bumps: Day 3 Round Up

In the most difficult conditions of the May Bump so far, the third day was seen out, laying the final pieces in crews quests for Boatie Glory. Let’s take a […]

In the most difficult conditions of the May Bump so far, the third day was seen out, laying the final pieces in crews quests for Boatie Glory. Let’s take a look at the results:


The biggest stories of the day are definitely Murray Edwards and Newnham. Murray Edwards continue to have a literal perfect score, with all 3 boats on for Blades, and I can only hope this continues, what a shame to miss such a chance. At the top of the W1 division, Newnham failed to put a dent in Downing, bringing to an end their dreams of Blades. Homerton also put in a very good overall performance, and though not as many Blade opportunities as Murray Edwards, they are currently drawing in the Mitchell Cup.

Jesus are having a strange week, with their two top boats on for Blades, whilst their 4 lowest boats all on for Spoons, a case of serious lack of squad depth it would seem. Girton M1 also continue apace, having racked up 4 Bumps so far, and are almost certain for the fifth tomorrow.

Anyway, here is a break down of the days results by division


1 Caius

2 Downing

3 Jesus (+1)

4 First and Third (-1)

5 Lady Margaret (+1)

6 St. Catharine’s (-1)

7 Pembroke

8 Queens’

9 Clare (+1)

10 Fitzwilliam (-1)

11 Emmanuel

12 Christ’s (+1)

13 Magdalene (-1)

14 King’s (+1)

15 Trinity Hall (–1)

16 Girton (+1)

17 Churchill (-1)

18 Robinson


Caius once again are sitting pretty at the top, but with Downing not really getting any push from behind with FaT bumping out, this might not be indicative of the final day. Jesus continued their killing spree of a week, and after some pretty ropey steering by FaT as they were hit by the wind on the reach, closed the bump. LMBC too managed to take out Cat’s shortly after entering the Reach, seems the wind was really separating the Men from the Boys today. Unsurprisingly, Girton made quick work of Churchill.


Caius to keep the Headship, but with Downing potentially getting a race from a Jesus boat spurred on by the thought of glory, don’t expect the margin to open up quite as soon as these past days. Girton will eat up Tit Hall, and earn a well deserved set of Blades to round off a good season, and awarding Tit Hall their Spoons. Catz could also give Pembroke a consolation prize after a pretty hard few days, but don’t expect it to be too easy for them.


1 Downing

2 Newnham

3 Jesus (+1)

4 Pembroke (-1)

5 Clare (+1)

6 Christ’s (-1)

7 Emmanuel

8 Caius (+1)

9 Queens’ (-1)

10 First and Third (+1)

11 Lady Margaret (-1)

12 Trinity Hall

13 St. Catharine’s

14 Girton (+1)

15 Magdalene (-1)

16 Selwyn

17 Peterhouse (+1)

18 Churchill (-1)


After some drama involving some Queen’s rowers who I’m informed are ok, the big rowing story is Newnham failing to hold their momentum and missing out on Blades. Downing apparently felt little trouble from the Newnham boat, but for the first time this week did appear to actually be breathing heavily at Chesterton. Elsewhere Jesus continued their storming week, and with Newnham stalling, this could be their chance.


Downing to stay head, comfortably by the sound of things, but don’t expect them to wind down before the line, it’s a question of getting the photo. Caius should continue their upward trajectory, but only if they can make up the distance before Emma bump out, it’s going to be a front loader of a day for them, and Christ’s will be desperately trying to give them enough time to do it, and to avoid Spoons in the process.


1 Robinson

2 Homerton  (+1)

3 Downing II (-1)

4 Peterhouse  (+1)

5 First and Third II (-1)

6 Selwyn

7 Lady Margaret II

8 Caius II

9 Jesus II

10 St. Edmund’s

11 Sidney Sussex

12 Pembroke II

13 Wolfson

14 Christ’s II (+1)

15 Corpus Christi (-1)

16 Queens’ II (+1)

17 Anglia Ruskin (-1)

18 Clare II


There was a bit of controversy in the middle of the division, with LMBC II bumping Selwyn, but after Selwyn contested this on the grounds that they were impeded by FaT II failing to clear quickly enough, a rerow was ordered and Selwyn rowed over reasonably comfortably. Christ’s II also put in a solid performance, and are still on for Blades.


With Wolfson having rowed over for a few days now, Christ’s will be confident that they won’t be slipping away any time soon, so expect a solid bump on them, and a set of Blades for Christ’s. It should be interesting to see whether Homerton can get Robinson with the whole course at their disposal, and bring Robinson’s short lived foray into M1 to a sad conclusion.



1 Churchill (-1)

2 King’s

3 Murray Edwards (+1)

4 Pembroke II (-1)

5 Sidney Sussex

6 Fitzwilliam

7 Emmanuel II

8 Robinson

9 Homerton (+1)

10 Jesus II (-1)

11 Darwin (+1)

12 Newnham II (-1)

13 LMBC II (+1)

14 Anglia Ruskin (-1)

15 Downing II

16 Clare II

17 Hughes Hall

18 Wolfson


Murray Edwards continued their rapid climb, dispatching Pembroke II in short order, Jesus II and Anglia Ruskin continued their dire performances, whilst LMBC II continued a steady climb when handed a boat to bump. Homerton II also made short work of their opposition.


The race at the top should be interesting; can Murray Edwards take out King’s before King’s take out Churchill? Will it be Blades or Spoons? Homerton II will also be confident that their adversary won’t be bumping out too easily, with Robinson rowing over today and Jesus II and Anglia Ruskin are both almost certainly going to get Spoons.



1 Clare II (+1)

2 Darwin (-1)

3 Hughes Hall

4 St. Catharine’s II

5 Emmanuel II

6 Selwyn II

7 First and Third III (+1)

8 Peterhouse II (-1)

9 Lady Margaret III

10 Robinson II

11 Trinity Hall II

12 Girton II (+1)

13 Magdalene II (-1)

14 Fitzwilliam II

15 Emmanuel III

16 Queens’ III (+1)

17 Churchill II (-1)

18 Caius III


A strong tactical row from Clare meant they escaped the jaws of a waiting Hughes Hall, denying them their Blades, further down, FaT III continue their strong showing, putting themselves in prime position for Blades tomorrow, with a similar story for Girton II.

FaT and Girton to Blade, the boats ahead have had ample chance to get out of the way, but with a few row overs under their belts it’s unlikely that they’ll escape, leaving all the opportunities for the chasing crews. Churchill are also likely to continue their Spooning, and if all goes well for Caius, they could be in the M3 division proper by the end of play tomorrow.


1 Wolfson

2 Caius II (+1)

3 Trinity Hall II (-1)

4 Christ’s II (+1)

5 Corpus Christi (-1)

6 Queens’ II

7 Selwyn II

8 Pembroke III (+1)

9 Girton II (-1)

10 St. Catharine’s II (+1)

11 Magdalene II (-1)

12 First and Third II

13 Murray Edwards II (+1)

14 Emmanuel III (-1)

15 Newnham III (+1)

16 Clare Hall (-1)

17 Sidney Sussex II

18 Homerton II


Pretty much as called, Caius and Christ’s bump as predicted, and it looks like there’s no stopping Murray Edwards now. Fair play to Tit Hall II for going out of the blocks with such determination, they really brought it to Wolfson but fell to the force of the wind.


Murray Edwards are on for Blades, and the only thing standing in their way is the possibility that FaT II get Magdalene II before they can bump, but if this happens, I expect nothing less than an absolute death or glory push for the Overbump, and who could be more likely to pull it off? Queens’ II are looking to have a pretty dull week, but with the Spoon Barge that is Corpus heading their way, they may yet get to take a chunk out of some bushes.


1 Caius III (+1)

2 Kings II (-1)

3 Pembroke III

4 Downing III (+1)

5 Clare Hall (-1)

6 Clare III (+1)

7 Wolfson II (-1)

8 Darwin II

9 Selwyn III

10 Jesus III

11 St. Catharine’s III (+1)

12 Trinity Hall III (-1)

13 Christ’s III (+1)

14 First and Third IV (-1)

15 Corpus Christi II (+1)

16 St. Edmund’s II (-1)

17 Homerton II (+1)

18 Jesus IV (-1)


Bit of a thriller up at the top of this division, after initially letting King’s slip away to 2 lengths clear, as they hit the wind on the reach, Caius turned it on and reeled them in for a well-deserved bump. Strange things were afoot in the middle of the division, with Catz and Tit Hall swapping back, exactly what’s going on there, I don’t know, answers in the comments please. Clare III swiftly dispatched Wolfson and Christ’s III also put in a similarly solid performance. Finally, Congratulations to Homerton II for another step towards the right division.


Clare III to get Blades, Christ’s depend on whether or not Tit Hall and Catz stop with the bump trading. Wolfson II will have to hold off Darwin for the whole course to keep the Spoon demons at bay, which should be fun to watch. St Edmund’s II have a similar fate awaiting, and will be hard pressed to avoid it.



1 Homerton II

2 Christ’s III (+1)

3 St Edmunds (-1)

4 Fitzwilliam II (+1)

5 Jesus III (-1)

6 Peterhouse II (+1)

7 Darwin II (-1)

8 King’s II

9 Queens’ III (+1)

10 Hughes Hall II (-1)

11 Selwyn III

12 Murray Edwards III (+1)

13 Pembroke IV (-1)

14 Lady Margaret III (+1)

15 Clare III (-1)

16 Trinity Hall III

17 Robinson II

18 Sidney Sussex III


Christs did well to bump on St Edmund’s after what was so almost a bump at the top, and apparently lost a Blade for their efforts. Murray Edwards III also did well to get in a rapid bump on Pembroke IV, they’re club are really on to an incredible campaign at this rate.


Christ’s are still on for Blades and with the whole course to hunt down Homerton, and a Bump on St Edmunds who were up on Homerton at the time, it’s looking like a pretty likely thing. Murray Edwards III will be looking to take out Selwyn in rapid style, and this’ll be the decider between Murray Edward’s blades and Hughes Hall’s Spoons.



1 Jesus IV (-1)

2 Christ’s IV (+1)

3 Magdalene III (-1)

4 Hughes Hall II (+1)

5 Lady Margaret IV (-1)

6 First and Third V (+1)

7 Sidney Sussex II (-1)

8 Pembroke IV

9 King’s III (+1)

10 Robinson III (-1)

11 Queens’ IV (+1)

12 Sidney Sussex III (-1)

13 Girton III (+1)

14 Caius IV (-1)

15 Magdalene IV (+1)

16 Jesus V (-1)

17 Lady Margaret V (+1)

18 Fitzwilliam III (-1)


Hughes Hall charging through, rapid bump from them, Queens’ IV continue to eat up the scraps from King’s III, and King’s keep sending them. LMBC beer boat also get to make their break in today, avenging the Red Boys on the Fitz Beer boat.


King’s III, Queens’ IV and Hughes Hall II to all blade, they’ve been on good form, and there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of trouble heading down towards them. Caius IV are also liable to get eaten up by a charging Magdalene IV up from the M6 division.



1 Fitzwilliam III (-1)

2 Clare IV (+1)

3 Christs V (-1)

4 Corpus Christi III

5 Emmanuel IV

6 Queens’ V (+1)

7 Selwyn IV (-1)

8 Homerton III (+3) OVERBUMP

9 Darwin III (+1)

10 Downing IV (-1)

11 Girton IV (-3) OVERBUMP

12 Queens’ VI  (+1)

13 Clare V (-1)

14 First and Third VI (+1)

15 Robinson IV (-1)

16 Emmanuel V

17 Sidney Sussex IV

18 Corpus Christi IV



Very solid performance from Homerton III who’ve clearly gone to the water with something to prove these last 3 days, and prove it they have. Darwin hold their upward trajectory, and Downing continued their cataclysmic slide, and are drawing with Sidney Sussex at -7. Queens’ V and Clare IV also both continue their solid performance.


Homerton III, Queens’ V and Clare IV to all blade, and Downing to spoon, hard. Also looks like Darwin III’s upward trend will come to an end, though they could always try for another cheeky triple Overbump, and we’d all love to see that.