UPDATE: Tab Guide to Suicide Sunday 2012

Garden Party season is almost upon us and tickets are selling fast. Get your’s before they’re gone…

Crescents Garden Party Idlers Initiations may balls May Week pimms Suicide Sunday Tit Hall Wyverns


The Union’s online ticketing system crashed today due to unprecedented demand. The tickets go on sale tomorrow in the Union Office from 2pm. Bring your Union card and arrive early – they’re expected to sell out fast.


If there is one way to alleviate Easter-term tedium it’s planning May Week. Forget the e-word, give revision the two-fingers, and start focusing on the important stuff. If your Suicide Sunday isn’t booked up from dawn till dusk, you better get a move on because tickets are selling fast. But never fear, The Tab is on hand to ensure you don’t spend a minute of that glorious day sober…



Time: 9am – 12pm

Place: Fellows’ Garden, Tit Hall

Tickets: £12. SOLD OUT but join the waiting list by emailing The Crescents at [email protected]o.uk.

Best for: entertaining initiations, early starters and dubious coloured (and tasting) cocktails.

2011 Crescent Initiations 



Time: 12pm – 2pm

Place: Christ’s Fellows’ Garden

Tickets: to be announced nearer the time. Watch out for updates on their event page, here.

Best for: relaxing in beautiful grounds with a classy cocktail.



Time: 11am – 2pm

Place: Undisclosed location

Tickets: £17 (gold wristband – entry to Life and Cindies) or £12 standard. Tickets from their website, here. 

Best for: infamous jelly wrestling, bikinis and shades. A chance to escape Cambridge and, rumour has it, to take part in some record breaking…



Time: 12.15pm – 3pm

Place: Ivy Court, Pembroke

Tickets: £13. SOLD OUT but join the waiting list here.

Best for: for those who prefer the smooth and sophisticated. An opportunity to take a breather from jelly-wrestling.



Time: TBC

Place: TBC (it was at Cambridge Rugby Club last year)

Tickets: Sold out.

Best for: societies. This party is not for the casual individual – mainly because only the select got tickets in the first place.



Time: 1pm – 5pm

Place: Latham Lawn, Trinity Hall

Tickets: £15. Last call for tickets email [email protected]m

Best for: lounging by the river and drifting off to jazz.



Time: 4pm-9pm

Place: Murray Edwards’ grounds

Tickets: £25 by cheque. SOLD OUT. Details available here.

Best for: atmosphere. This event is themed, this year being a Midsummer Night’s Dream, making it closer to a June Event than a garden party. The extra cost is worth it.



Time: 7pm – 10pm

Place: The Paddock, Downing College

Tickets: £22. Apply for tickets here.

Best for: boaties, blazers and Pimms (by the barrel load). Fight the evening hangover with more booze and a sneaky rumba before hitting Life/Fez.

Pimms O’clock


And if Garden Parties aren’t your thing…


Time: 2pm – 5pm

Place: The Cam

Tickets:Free to watch. To enter, join the group here.

Best for: laughing at fools.


You can also get started a day early with:


Time: 11am – 5pm

Place: Sidney Sussex Gardens

Tickets: On sale in the Union Office from Friday 18th May at 2pm.

Best for: pretending you’re at a May Ball. Oysters, champagne, cocktails and jazz all add to the sense of gentle sophistication.


So Cambridge, keep your eyes on the prize as we plough on into third week. In five weeks and a day it will be Suicide Sunday – the Pimms will be flowing and the sun will be out (hopefully).