Henrietta Kelly
Trinity Hall, History of Art Keen to dispel the myth that the life of an Art Historian revolves solely around pashminas and picture books, Hettie likes to keep up-to-date with news beyond The Bubble. When not browsing the BBC or scrutinizing grammar, she may be found singing loudly in the…

UPDATE: Tab Guide to Suicide Sunday 2012

Garden Party season is almost upon us and tickets are selling fast. Get your’s before they’re gone…

The Price of Good Manners

Katie Price brings a class issue to the table.

The Dawn of the Quarterlife Crisis

Think your Glory Years are on their way? Think again.

Downing It is Our Choice

The harder we work, the harder we play. If there is ever a good time to learn your limits, it’s now.

Why We Should Celebrate Sainsbury’s Success

Lord Sainsbury is the new Chancellor of Cambridge University and when compared to the other candidates, it is difficult to deny that he deserves this prestigious title.

Celebs, Leave Cindies Alone!

The celebrities that keep coming to Cindies are not acclaimed alumni or eminent scholars. They are famous for being famous.

Taking The Great Out Of Britain

The recent ‘Britain is Great’ campaign is unnecessarily costly, and forgets to mention any of the things that are actually great about Britain.